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I’ve decided to split the German and English version of „tagged“because it would be too difficult to read both of these really looong posts in one go.

1. You have 20.000 books on your SuB. How on earth do you decide which book you read next?

I draw it out. Only a joke! In fact I’ve already many, many books on my want-to-read list, even when they are not all marked on Goodreads. Hmm, I base my decision rather on feeling than fact. The cover, the story and besides the feelings I get from the interaction of it all and which gives me the main character during reading the first pages. I think that’s the trigger…
2. You read half of the book and you can’t enjoy it. Do you stop reading it or are you determined to finish the book?
OMG, that really depends…Some stories really flash me and I’m so hyper that I want to read and read and read, and I can’t seem to stop… Even when I read in the meantime that for example the male leading character is so annoying that I would love to stuff something into his mouth because so much rubbish is coming out of it…Or I suggest my best friend that the female leading character should go urgently to a home for difficult youngsters. Phew, I think, I mostly don’t want to finish the story then, but at the same time I want to know, how the story goes on. Perhaps I’m a bit masochistic? *Grins like a Cheshire cat*
Nope, I think there are books which I can’t bear because the author made no good use of the story: no plot, no joke, no real story, incomplete, shadowy people’s characterizations and lame conversations and gags. (With the jokes I mean for example situation comedy and then puns which the narrator tells or which appear during the conversation with the other characters). I’m very tolerant about spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, as long as the story is good. But a shallow story with nothing in it which makes it something special? No, thank you!
On the other hand I also didn’t like some stories because they were too emotional or sounded too intended. It’s really about the book or the kind of components it has, if I read more of it or say: “No, thank you!”.
3. The year finishes and you are soo close to read the number of books which you wanted to read this year, but you’re too far away of your goal…Do you try to catch up and when, how?
Mhm, if this would be the case…Then I would read whenever I have time and even if it is only a paragraph. In the breaks, during the trip with the train, in between when I eat a sandwich…I mean, sometimes I do this anyway :D But then I would consider it officially and plan it, hihi!

4. The covers of a series which you love DON’T MATCH! What do you do?
Hmm… It doesn’t bother me on most times. But what drives me crazy is when you can crease a book spine without being too scatterbrained because money was saved in the wrong place: the quality of the material. :( But what do you expect? Well, actually the written word and the meaning behind it counts for me the most. The design is all well and good, when the story is wrong or not coherent. Only because of a nice cover, I would never buy a book… But there are books with covers, covers which are published not so long ago which don’t match with the previous books. And when it is a favourite of mine…I confess then I also have to cry inside of me ;(

5. Everyone-absolutely EVERYONE!-loves a book which you really, really don’t like. With whom do you talk and cry? Who understands your feelings?

I cry really seldom when I don’t like a book. No, then I‘m ready to hit the ceiling or jump through the roof ;). Well, there is always a good friend with whom I talk from now and then. But I engage myself more with the topic when I am writing. I’m more the kind of person who writes than talk. I can express myself and communicate better by writing. And I let go off steam ;).

6. You read a book and suddenly tears well up in your eyes-in public. What do you do?
Mhm, I mostly try to think about something positive then. I don’t like to cry in public. With others that’s not a real problem, but crying by myself is embarrassing for me. But when I’m really down, you can see a tear film on my eyes because I let go of my feelings and perhaps two tears are rolling down my cheeks. As a farewell so to say. It’s often so with me when I finish grandiose series.  

7. The sequel of a book which you loved, has just published-but you’ve forgotten most of the plot of the previous book. What do you do now? Do you read the previous book again? Do you search for a summary of the plot in the internet? Do you skimp the sequel? Or do you cry madly? 
Hm, if there is no way, I search for a summary in the internet… But only key words, everything else is cheating for me ;). Then or when this step is not necessary I turn on my brainpower and think sharply during reading. That helps the most :). Only when the sequel isn’t like what I liked in the first book, I “skimp” the book and buy me another one. I’m book-crazy : P, you have to treat that in the right way.

Hm, crying isn’t easy for me. Like I described in question 6 ;). Not even when my brain malfunctions. Then I rather like to throw or bend a paper ball in the corner :D Especially if I think about a coming review… 

8. You don’t want to lend your books. To nobody. NOBODY. How do you refuse in a polite manner if someone asks you about a book?
 Mhm, perhaps with: Unfortunately,I’ve currently not the time to search for the said book because chaos rules  my room (what is true now and then and a friend will understand this). But then I ask nicely if she or he really likes the book, then I distract the friend with a pleasant topic in favour of my friend’s passions and listen to him or her very carefully…And then I give the book to him or her as a present on his or her birthday, to xmas or without a reason :)

9. You can’t finish a book! You tried to read 5 different books last month and you gave up on all. How do you overcome this horrible condition?
Read more!

10. There are so many new books this month which you really need to read-how many do you actually buy?
Uhm, not even one. Well, first most new books are too dear in the beginning for what I earn, second half of them are only Hypes and I really don’t know then: Do I like it? Don’t I like it? I read more and more Indie books because other stories don’t knock my socks off. Third, I have so many (with nice covers actually, wink wink ;)) want-to-read books which I really like to read… I don’t know how the others can fit into my list :(. But there are always impulse purchases now and then. Well, once a month at least some days instead of shoes :P. 

11. Well, you bought them and you couldn’t wait to read them-how much time do you need to really read them?
What?!I bought them beside all reasons? ;) Well, then I try them one by one, alphabetically ;). Nah, I choose one by using my feelings like I described in question 1.
It depends if I’m ill, have to work much, need a longer pause (Yes, that happens :) Mostly one or two days during my vacation) or if I’m too stressed or something similar. I let the books come to me :). I want to escape the stress of life through reading and I want to recover a bit. When I stress myself too much out, I never overcome my stress master :). “Write lists, lists with things you have to do!”, „Be punctually and well-behaved!“ and “Don’t forget to brush your teeth!” ;) *Grins like a Cheshire cat* Please don’t take the last comment seriously. The bad breath could be smelled in the next town if this really would happen :D. 

Thank you sophia's bookplanet 
And the other avid blogger. Without you I would not have made the progress I made so far, and I wouldn’t participate in this wonderful campaign and I wouldn’t have posted this :).

I tag all who have fun and the wish to fill out this poll.

Kind regards, yours truly Butterfly

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