Isola by Isabel Abedi (English edition)

Isola Isola by Isabel Abedi
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I'll review my first book which is mostly know in Germany. I hope that some English speaking people will like it and hopefully wish to read it.

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Isola was the first book written by Isabel Abedi, which I read. 

First thoughts: I liked the idea of the book instantly. It reminds me of "Lost" and the island. I asked myself if it would be as exciting as the series and if I would like it. I also thought that the assembly of a group of teenagers which are filmed on an island is very thrilling. I'm really interested in social media phenomenon and how they change our private lives.

The beginning: Vera, who is the more introverted than extroverted main character registered herself in a film production which is about a group of young people on a deserted island in the near of  Rio de Janeiro. She is on her way to her flight and is very nervous because she doesn't know if she made the right decision. She was discovered by Quint Tempelhoff, a famous, but also sceptical seen regisseur, during a dance performance.
He plans a special film with 12 young people who should stay on the island three weeks long without any contact to the world outside. The adolescents don't know each other and they all are formed from different, social groups.
All have a nickname for the island and they are only allowed to take 3 objects with themselves to the island. 
Here a small description of them all to follow the story better:

Joy Reichert as VERA: Joy, the main character of the story, adopted, therefore she has a
German and a Brazilian name: Vera, 17 years old, passion: the Brazilian dances of the Orixiás 
Ulla Sjöberg as ELFE: purple hair, plumb, strongly covers her face, has an eccentric taste
 in fashion, works at the theatre
Belinda Edgeworth as MOON: delicate girl with a bald head, draws very well, takes her dead  
 turtle on the island
Nana Makhetha as PEARL: dark skinned girl with African scarf, frizzly hair, singer
Kristina Peters  as KRYS: red hair, high voice, takes with him cigarettes and a lighter
Beatá Krall as DARLING: blonde hair, plays with her charme, calculating
Sven Werner as ALPHA:bright, almost white hair, takes his Leatherman with him
Richard Bussman as MILKY: long dreadlocks, freckles, milky teint
Naoki Shangyn as LUNG: Asian, jet black hair, lives with the Chinese circus
Tristan Leander as NEANDER: big, loves birdwatching, quiet
Italo Mackenzie as JOKER: gawky, goatee, wears Fun T-Shirts, takes rubber doll with him
Raphael T. Lieberman  as SOLO: dark, shoulder-length hair, slender face, dark eyes,     
takes his labrador with him

Characterizations and names are taken from the novel: "Isola" by Isabel Abedi.

Shortly after all settled down a new game is introduced. One will be the hunter and the other the supposed victims which have to go home after being caught. "Caught" are the ones which hand joint is covered by the hand of the hunter.

However things got quickly much more serious and the participants are really hunted. Thereby bloddy disputes occur and the question:

Who is the hunter?

A well-written book! Unfortunately the plot and some characters with their actions didn't fully convince me. Perhaps the sudden change didn't meet my personal tastes.

In any case despite smaller criticism in the plot, it is a promising and a full suspenseful workpiece. I can recommend it with a good conscience to all who like adventure, excitement and social media productions!

Bye, until later,

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