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I’ve decided to split the German and English version of „Other questions and answers to my blog“because it would be too difficult to read both of these really looong posts in one go.

Since when do you have this blog? And why did you decide to use this blog?
Since a few days ago I held my dear child, uhm, I mean blog into my arms ;) I wanted to have a platform for me to talk about the things I like: books. I have many good friends to be sure in my life, but when it is about books, I have CONSTANTLY the urge to talk. And instead of annoying them with things like that: OMG, a new Harry Potter! Wow, I love the new Percy Jackson novels. Or: Why are there only seven books about the Children of the Lamp *dreamy, sad looking* ;(, I have created this blog. Another reason is of course because I love writing and before I never even dreamt about writing in whole sentences to public (:D!) instead of writing key notes about a book, series etc.

Do you only write about books or about other things as well?
Mostly about books. But there will be moments in which I have to vent off, when I’ll be overwhelmed by joy or when I’m sad, surprised or something else and I’ve to post it.

Do you have contact to other bloggers?
Only via Goodreads and Twitter. But there were some nice and really pleasant talks. Unfortunately not in real life :(. But I really hope this will happen soon :).

How many books do you read or do you review on average? Do you always read one book or more?
Upps, I can’t really say that. More just as the fancy takes me. Mostly between 2-5 currently-reading books. But sometimes only one special.

Which book or series do you love especially?
I’m quasi grown up with the Harry Potter series which influenced my taste in reading. Besides this I like especially the Kai Meyer series „Merle-Trilogy“, „Wolkenvolk-Trilogy“ and „Wellenläufer-Trilogie“. Moreover I really liked to read “Rubinrot” by Kerstin Gier and the “Ink-Trilogy” by Cornelia Funke. 

Are there books which you gave up upon reading them?
Well, that is difficult to say. There are more, but all had the reason behind that the books promised me a great story and then it got worse. I think one of these books was one of the Dan Brown books which really disappointed me in the end. I loved the Hype (and probably this was the mistake) and I watched the movies before I read the books (!!! This only happens really seldom and I can only say I was too young when the books came out and these kind of books didn’t interest me then). Somehow in the middle of the story the book was lost for me, it had nothing to gain and there were only exaggerating scenes which should dramatize the book, but which didn’t create any depth into the book. 

What do you think of self publishing?
I love it. Really! Because most young authors can think more, write more openly without the pressure and the constant publicity drum which they are exposed of by publishers. I love the work of publishing houses and I also love many authors which work under publishers. But I often have the feeling that because of the constant pressure of the fans, the authors have no breath to take in. It is really nice when many people read your book and like it. However an author also should have the freedom to have some leisure time or time for his or her family and friends which they love…I’m always unsure about this point because on the one hand, I love the books and want to read the sequels. But on the other hand, I also want that the author has some life beside of writing a novel. It’s complicated.
That’s why I’m so happy when I discover books written by brand-new authors who have not the same pressure as the all-day well-known writer and who can fulfill their life by writing without side effects :)

Which genre do you like the most?
I read Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, then political novels, Non-Fiction, Business, then poems, Chick-Lit and everything else. Although I like many genres, I don’t really read crime stories, but more Thrillers instead of it :)

What makes a book well-written?
I like it, when everything is right: the plot, the characters, the setting, the small, insignificant things like how does the author describes the landscape (Rather badly and pessimistic? Rather well and optimistic?) and how sharply does he describe the characters or the plot (Sharp like a knife? You see everything in your mind, including the bread crumps on the shirt of the main character which he had on breakfast. Or do you see the plot and the characters more through a blurred lens which make it difficult to imagine the scene?).

Bye, until later,
yours truly Butterfly

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