Questions 3 (English)

Bound version or paperback version? 
Both! I love (LOVE) bounded books. But for in between or during the holidays, a paperback version is more practical...

Amazon or book store?
Also both or a mix of both. On the one hand I love book stores or to search books in a library. But Amazon with its reviews and the fast delivery is of course great, too. 

Bookmark or dog-ears?Definitely bookmark!!! Who can creases his or her book intentionally? If that happens unintentionally, I understand... But to harm a poor, beloved book deliberately? NEVER!

Arrange according to author, title or unsorted?
Ehm, some people think I let my bookshelves unsorted. But I've a special system:
1. according to genre
2. according to colour

3. according to authors
4. alphabetical

5. The special books have a special place, a place of honour so to say :)My dad always said to me in the past: "Child, why do you not prefer an easier system? That's confusing."

Do you keep, throw away or sell your books? Again: Who can throw his or her books away?!? Even the books I dislike, I sell for something. To thow away... 
What I really like is to swap books! Mostly I do this in private. Does someone know a good platform for swapping books? The best would be one which isn't so fussy. My books are in good condition. But I don't like it when books are more judged by their "outer appearance" than what is written in them! Thanks :D.

Keep the dust jacket or not to keep?
Who throws everything here away?? I keep the dust jacket of course. No question :)

To read with the dust jacket or not? Mostly with. But if it is too impractical, I take it carefully away.

Short story or novel? 
In the past I read only novels. But I don't dislike a good short story nowadays anymore...It depends which kind of mood I have. Sometimes short story, sometimes novel ^_^.

"The night was dark and rough." or "Once upon a time"?

I would clearly write No. 1 and I would probably read No.2 the most. Bizarre, but it's true.

To buy a book or to lend one?
Clearly to lend one. I think you don't need to die of shame if you lend or swap a book. It's nice if you know that someone else had fun with this novel or short novel and has satisfied his or her "thirst" of good books. I love the concept of lending books. Please no salami slices between the books:D Thanks!

New or used? Like I said before, I like to lend books. You don't need to have a reserve against used books. The most used books are great. And you buy books mainly because you like to read them and not because they only look so nice. That's my opinion, but I'm open-minded if someone sees this differently :).

Decision to purchase: bestseller list, review, recommendation or quarry for books?Bestseller lists are not mine, only when they are Goodreads readings lists.These are occasionally very interesting. For example: books for the summer etc.
Reviews: Absolutely! I love recommendations :D That's the reason, why I began this blog to write reviews and to come into contact with bloggers who like to write reviews.
Recommendations: It depends... I had some bizarre recommendations. But in general I love recommendations and love when people send me some. I'm curious what you like to read or what you have read with joy! And I read almost everything :)
Quarry for books: YES! I love to search for books in Goodreads, in catalogues, in magazines etc.

Concluded end or Cliffhanger?Clearly concluded end. Even when I'm curious and I love the thill of some books with a Cliffhanger, I like concluded ends more. Cliffhangers let me worry too much. Especially when the book ISN'T OUT YET. Phew, that is full agony. One year is ok. More than one year. a big NO.

Reading on mornings, at midday or at night time?
Mostly I really read at night. But I love to read the most: whenever I have time :)

One book or series?Series!

Favourite series? Harry Potter, what else? ;)

Favourite book, which people haven't heard from yet?"The Children of the Lamp" by P.B.Kerr. I'll review it in time, so please follow my blog with  attention and be curious ;).

Favourite book, which you read last year?
One? Phew... Then I choose"Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi. One impressively, remarkable book with depth that shows the daring and brave nature of the author. It should be elected as classic.

Which book do you read currently? "The Nightmare of Black Island" by Mike Tucker-Doctor Who New Adventures book.

Your absolute favourite book of all times? More than one: "The Neverending Story" und "Momo" by Michael Ende. And all Astrid Lindgren books.

Favourite authors?
Phew, too many... Please look from now on then on my Goodreads site: Butterfly Mentions. It is just created, but you can see everything in future. At least 30 if that helps :/ I know too many to name.

I thank Buechermops (Sarah), who invited me and other blogger to fill out the questionnaire. I tag everyone who likes to take part in this! :)

Kind regards,
yours truly Butterfly

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