Review: Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 1 (English edition)

Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 1 Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 1 by Yuu Watase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is a Japanese manga by the wonderful Yuu Watase <3<3<3 One of my favourite mangaka.

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First thought:  What a nice looking man!! Isn't he gorgeous? ;)

And him!
Yes, girls, now it gets hot and you nor I can decide whom we would take :D!!!

Plot: Riiko Izawa, the main character
and girl of the manga :D (here in the middle), never had a boyfriend though she wishes so urgently to have one!

Every boy she asked out, said "No", and because it is not only Riiko Izawa who feels like this, this is a manga in which you can really empathize to the character. It is not easy to have a good boyfriend and then to hold him :) But this happens later.

First because of situations like this, when she accidently gives someone her old laudry
and other mishaps, she is miserable and alone...But not any longer, why?

She helps an eccentric businessman by finding his old cell-phone and he wants to help her out.

But how?
He has a new website, a secret one, called Kronos Heaven where you can order...Drum rolls, please: A BOYFRIEND! Yes, a boyfriend. But an artificial one of course. No, rubber doll though :P

Because she is desperate and because she doesn't think much about it, she orders one who has the right personality traits etc. she wants...

And the next day, a package is there:
You can imagine the situation or what she thought. But (unfortunately I didn't found the scene in the internet to show), she has to kiss him awake :) Yes, a bit like the frog princess.
She calls him "Night" and he has to be her secret.

If there wasn't this other gorgeous guy...
Yes!! A second cutie just lives in the floor next to her. And he is a real kind-hearted man, too. Unfortunately for both, they know each other so long, that he was friendzoned :( What a real shame!

But, for the excited and sad people there who would like him as the hero next to the main character, you don't need to wait long because things get complicated between Night and Riiko Izawa.

Why, you ask?
Hm, how to say this...The boyfriend costs money when you don't return him after 72 hours!!!

Yes, my dear ones, everything has its price. Even when you didn't do anything more than kissing him once. Oh, yeah, what a shame to use him not properly to his advantages :P

Yeah, mhm...What happens then? Find out by reading the manga! :)

Who can't like this guy? :D All pictures are taken from the manga Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 1 by Yuu Watase.

Kind regards,
yours truly Butterfly

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