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Edward - Auf den ersten Blick Edward - Auf den ersten Blick by Stephenie Meyer
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Other title it is known: "Midnight sun"

First thoughts: Wow, it is a book about Edward and Bella. I loved the first books and it is great to hear more about them. Especially in Edward's perspective. Besides: it is cheap!

Plot: Who doesn't know Twilight? Only a joke, of course there are people who haven't heard much from the story (though I guess this whole thing with vampires and love got around all over the world. The story? I can only guess).
Isabella Swan or Bella (she likes her nickname more) moves from Arizona to Forks, a small town on the Washington coast. She is seventeen and she doesn't really like the small town. But she likes her mother Renée and her mother has a new relationship with Phil who is a minor baseball player. Her mother wants to travel with him, so Bella decides to live with her dad in the rainy Forks. Her dad: Charlie is overjoyed because he missed her much and arranged everything for her arrival.
On the first day of school she sits next to Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy who turns out to be a 109-old vampire who first seems to despise her and then loves her.
Of course they fall in love with each other and Charlie finds out and though he admits that he likes the Cullen family, he doesn't like what happens with her daughter and Edward.
It's a good and wonderful love story (especially my favourite: the first book), but the real question is:

What is different in the new book?
The first contrast is of course: it is written in Edward's view. And though I always longed to read a book which is written in his opinion, I also always asked myself: When I read the book, will I be satisfied with the writing? I love (LOVE) to think what could the other characters think or what would have happened,...But, BUT not every book in a different perspective is up to it and I don't like to destroy my hope with something which isn't like I imagined it at all...Then I rather have my own fantasy.

SO...Is the book up to my expectations? Mostly yes!!! It has the same kind of wonderful descriptions I loved to read in the first Stephenie Meyer book. It has the fascinating and wonderful personalities in it. It has some kind of depth when it comes to the characters and I love the social interactions. BUT, I must say,...I didn't expect Edward SO much despised by Bella at first.
Of course he is a vampire and what has a minor girl with him to do? I also found it hard to describe Bella as a kind of child-like woman (though she is shy, she also can be determined and willing to change her life for example by helping her mum and dad). And OF COURSE he didn't know her at first and we all get a bad first impression from some people now and then. However, I really thought him a bit creepy.
Fortunately he also had his other good qualities, his good personality which shine through him and through the book afterall so it was settled that I had to give the book a great review ;).

I didn't like how much he seemed to be negative about people and the world, but his personality grew page by page so I could forgive him. After all, he is only an old man who needed some comfort.
But what I really missed is...His time with Bella and how she began to grow on him ;(.
Of course, it was only planned as a small edition and it was cheap (but why, oh why?) was there no description of how much he began to love and adore her? That would have made the book amazing and special and I think then it would be one of my definitely favourites...:/
So it is very well written and great, however I give it:

4 stars and the comment: PLEASE MORE OF IT!!! :D

Kind regards,
yours truly
Butterfly :)

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