Review: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (English edition)

The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"The Great Gatsby" and what made him great :) <3: The second title of my review ;)
My thoughts: When I first read the book, it was before I knew the film with DiCaprio (though the film is really wow :D) and before I heard a lot about the book. I loved the idea of the book of course and who can't love this cover?! I also love reading about the Roaring Twenties or Jazz age. I love Jazz because of its energy, it is lively, bold and simply cool. And I asked myself if this also would be represented in the book or in Gatsby himself. Oh, I nearly forgot: Long island <3 <3.

The plot: The story is set in 1922. It is summer and a Jale graduate in his late twenties called Nick Carraway decides to stay in West egg, a village in Long island. He rents a small house next to Gatsbys (but to this time, he doesn't know Gatsby). The relatively young man is also a veteran (he served in the First World War) and he works as a bond salesman there. 
The Gatsby villa is extravagant as extravagant as his owner Gatsby is. There is always a party in full swing, but Gastby never participates. He is the man behind the curtain, the man with the villa everyone feels invited in, but nobody really knows well.
It is a story about a broken dream, a broken hope and someone he wished to love, but never get.
Jay Gatsby can buy himself everything as a millonaire, only no comfort or love. 
The story goes forth: Nick is invited to dinner to his cousin Daisy Fay Buchanan who lives with her husband Tom in East Egg. Tom and Nick know each other from college days.
Here Nick also gets to know the young Jordan Baker. A golfer who is certainly attractive, but also cynical. They began a relationship in shortly afterwards. 
Nick also gets to hear the news that Tom cheats on Daisy. The young Jordan Baker tells him in secret. 
He also gets invited to Tom's and Myrtle's secret lair, an apartement in New York, they keep for their affairs. Myrtle normally lives in the industrial neighborhood, the region you don't want to know about or want to visit when you have a reputation to save. The area between West Egg and New York City which is why a secret apartment in New York is ideally for the two cheaters.
Unfortunately for Myrtle though on the day Tom is visiting the two of them, Myrtle pulls his leg too often by saying Daisys name several times so he breaks her nose.

It is a deceitful time, full of secrets and dark agreements.

Once a time, Nick receives an invitation by the promising, presentable man with the great parties which amuse so many. And he also gets to know the man Gatsby, a distanced, younger man he knows from the World War 1 because Nick and him were in the same division. Nick also meets his lover Jordan here who reveils him that Gatsby and Daisy had a romantic past in which Gatsby adored her and therefore wanted to make money to be a respectable man who can win her heart in the end.
He also chosed the house because he can see across the bay from his mansion the green lights of her dock from there.

Gatsby hopes that Daisy will love him and he wants to impress her with all the parties, the money, the extravagance. 

But unfortunately the times he lives in and the rival he has, want something different in the end.
How does the story end? What has the liaison of Daisy's husband to do with this?
What happens with Daisy and Gatsby?
And why is there a yellow car connected with a crime? 
Learn more about it by reading the book!
It is exciting, it has a crime, a love story, two false amours, decadence, hypocrisy, deception and murder in it!!
What a great, frighteningly, big-time tension! 

Kind regards, 
yours truly Butterfly

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