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The Little Prince The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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 My thoughts about " The Little Prince": It is one of my first childhood reads and recollections. So beautiful, written for children and adults equally. It often helped me in bad times and made the good times even better. As a child I read it for weeks and weeks. Not because I haven't finished yet, but because it was so precious to me.

An overview: It's a bit about how we forget as adults how to use our fantasy. It's a bit about how real and beautiful our world is when we have fantasy. And how we can relearn to use our fantasy as adults by learning from young people.

The beginning: It begins with the narrator who remembers how he drew a boa constrictor as a child which ate an elephant before and has to digest now. He explains how he tried to show the picture adults and they would only see a hat. The end is, that people advise him to do something else with his time, something practical because he can't draw well.

The main plot: Now he is older and his plane crashed in the Sahara desert. There he meets a young boy,"The Little prince". "The Little Prince" is a charming young boy with a wonderful smile, blonde hair and a scarf. "The Little Prince" asks the narrator if he can draw a sheep for him and he understands the picture of the boa constrictor.

Thoughts about this passage:
The reader finds out that the "The Little Prince" has a deeper understanding of things, that he sees things which adults can't see anymore. Something we seem to lose when we grow older and which we can only gain by being young in our mind.

Then: The narrator succeeds in drawing the sheep, but in another way the narrator expected. He can't seem to draw the sheep realistically enough so he draws a box and says to the "The Little Prince" that the sheep in in the box is waiting for him. He gives it to "The Little Prince" as a gift.
And the surprise is that: "The Little Prince" wanted the picture exactly like that and not in any other fashion. He accepts and likes the sheep, just as it is.

Thoughts: "The Little Prince" accepts things as they are and not only this, but he loves them as they are. He can imagine and imagination in any form is wonderful. There is no limit in things, only someone who can't imagine sees the limit and can't accept the circcumstances of it.

"The Little Prince": Over the pages, he describes his life and what he experienced during the stay on other planets and how he met many different people on them.
He tells the narrator how he lived on an asteroid with two volcanos on it and how a flower began to grow there. He relates how the rose needed a protection against the wind and how he loved it, but felt like the rose wanted too much of him. After all he decided to leave the planet to see other planets and meet other people.

The conclusion: I think the book criticize how we are often blind when we think of success, of money and how we lose to see the real valuable things in life, the things which keep us in life and have an importance. It is an absolute great book for children and their parents who wants to read something different with more depth. And it a lovely read for adults who wants to think like a child again, to imagine things and also for people who love philosophy.

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