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Middlesex Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
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My thoughts: "Middlesex" was a book I decided to read when I was in mid-teens. I loved it instantly and no doubt, it wowed me.

What's the book about:
It's about a gen deficiency called 5-alpha-reductase deficiency and how you can get it. It's not an autobiography of the author how many people believe, but a real illness.

The plot: There is more than one timeline in the book so I'll try to relate it from the beginning on.

Lefty and Desdemona: The story starts in Greece. 1922, in the time of the Greco-Turkish war, Lefty and Desdemona are both siblings and both orphans because of the war.
Eleutherios "Lefty" and Desdemona Stephanides are living in a small village, called Bithynios which is in Asia Minor. Both are harvesting and selling silk worms for their cocoons. Lefty is selling the silk worm cocoons and Desdemona cares for the silk worms.
Lefty also describes how it is common to intermarriage between the cousins in the village.

Thoughts: The author describes the Greek village very vividly and you understand how everything takes place.

The flight: Because of the following turbulences and chaos of the war, both have to flee. Before the flight, they tried to find a partner for life. But like in many villages this can be tricky and they end up being together on the ship. Nobody knows they are siblings though.

Cal: Cal is described as having female characteristics, but a male personality during the story. His childhood and teenage years, the angst not to fit in, his problems and the intersex condition is throughly discussed in the book.

In an accident, Cal's condition is revealed. But can he lives a normal life?
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It's a fantastic read and very interesting.

Bye, until later,
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