The Clockwise Man (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #1) by Justin Richards

Doctor Who:
"The Clockwise Man" (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #1)  by Justin Richards

My first thoughts when I found this book:
I was so intrigued to read my first Doctor Who book and that it has this amazing title: "The Clockwise Man?" My first thoughts were: "Who is the Clockwise Man? What does he has to do with the Doctor and Rose? And how can the Doctor and Rose solve the case?"

Why I read this book:
Like many I began to be a real Doctor Who Fan in 2013, when the series was broadcasted for the 50 years special episode. To my shame I've never heard about Doctor Who before the time. But I was an instant fan after the first episodes of the new seasons which BBC brought out! :) After I indulged myself with watching many episodes and seasons, I thought I should see if I can find any audio books or books with the Doctor. I love the character of the Doctor, the Timelord who is "doctor of many things" and his constant companions. It's such such a nice change to find a hero who uses his brainpower more than his muscles and who is also charmant and funny. Especially Rose with her amusing and kind nature seems to me one of the best companions so of course I had to read atleast one book with her and the Doctor!

The beginning:
The story starts in 1924 in London because the Doctor wants to show Rose the British Empire Exhibition. A bit education is never wrong, isn't it? But people who know the Doctor and his adventures learned that this is often the start of a brand-new fantastic journey with dangers, villains and one or two combatants who are dragged into all of this.

And: yes! Right from the start, before the Doctor and Rose can land the TARDIS, someone shouts for help! Who is the stranger?
The man is Peter Dickson and they help him to fight off the villian, however without really finding out who or what attacked Peter.

It turns out that he is a servant who works for Sir George Harding and George's wife Anna who are living down the street. And because of the heroic deed, both the Doctor and Rose are invited by Sir George and his wife Anne to stay for dinner with their other guests they already invited in.
By the time Rose looks for a bathroom because she has hurt her hands during the fight with the bad guy, she encounters Freddie, Anne's child whose stepfather Sir George is.
Freddie demonstrates her how he can listen to the other guests without being caught and so Rose finds out who Sir George and Anna's strange and interesting guests are.

Shortly afterwards Rose and the Doctor wants to leave again with the TARDIS. But the TARDIS disappeared!!!

After a while during the Doctor and Rose search for the TARDIS, he comes to the conclusion that the disappearance of the TARDIS and the mysterious occurrences during the stay with Sir George Harding and Anna's household have a connection (!). So they rush again to Sir George and Anna's house. In the same instant, a car also hastens to the house and a mysterious lady called Melissa Heart with the mask in a shape of a butterfly which only reveals her eyes and mouth, red hair and a shimmering dress steps out of the car.

Does the coincidence with meeting this mysterious, strange lady has a connection to the TARDIS?

When they arrive, Doctor tells the host and guests that they lost their residence and if someone can recommend him and Rose a place to stay. Repple, one of the guest and what they find out shorty afterwards: the alleged deposed leader of Dastaria, a country nobody knows where it is, and his bodyguard vouch for their stay in the Imperial Club. A house where many nobel and rich men find accommodation because they lost their housing.

Does Repple says the truth? And can the Doctor and Rose trust them and their new aquaintances?
What has the household of Sir George and Anna to do with this and the occurring, new attacks under mysterious circumstances? And what has a cat to do with this all?

Find out by reading the book! I wrote down the further information for buying the book below. You can find it on Amazon and you can order it in book shops.

A definitely great read I really loved to read, which is why I have to recommend it to all who love Doctor Who, time travel and the mixture of funny remarks, suspense and Sci-Fi!

I'll definitely read another book by the author because the style of writing is exquisite and fraught of tension.

Finally a good read also for in betweens and definitely for Doctor Who fans!

Information import for purchasing it:
original title
Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man
edition language

Further information:
"The Clockwise Man" is the first book in a series called "New Series Adventures". All books can be read separately. But it is nicer to read them in order because sometimes the Doctor refers to another previous story though it is not further important for the story itself you read then.

About the author 
(found on Goodreads: 

Justin Richards is a British writer. He has written many spin off novels based on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, and he is Creative Director for the BBC Books range. He has also written for television, contributing to Five's soap opera Family Affairs. He is also the author of a series of crime novels for children about the Invisible Detective, and novels for older children. His Doctor Who novel The Burning was placed sixth in the Top 10 of SFX magazine's "Best SF/Fantasy novelisation or TV tie-in novel" category of 2000.
Thanks for reading! The German version of this review will be written soon.
Kind regards,
yours truly Butterfly

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