About my dog and Christmas (English)

Hello everyone 😊,
for these who have wondered about my dog. 

She is already feeling better and she also could eat something. 
The past two days were not easy, but I'm happy that you support me all 😃.

My next project is: Christmas. I'll be participating in Secret Santa. I hope I can shoot some nice pictures for you all. 

I'm also uploading pictures on Instagram. You can find me: butterfly_mentions. And on Pinterest: Butterfly Mentions. I set up an account and hope I'll be able to connect with many of my great followers :). 

Now that everyone is feeling better, I feel my Christmas spirit coming up 😊

I hope you all feel the Christmas love or are happy about the holidays soon. I already bought some Christmas gifts and prepared something, including hand made things.

Wish you all well and a lovely weekend!
Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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