Berlin-here I come :D (English)

Hello my friends and followers :),

I've finally arrived BERLIN :D Yeah! 

Like you could see in my previous post "Christmas desserts on the go :)" I ate something nourishing and completely yummi before I made this post. A girl has to treat herself from now and then ;). 

I can't wait to make pictures and write more about my first day in Berlin tomorrow!!!

It's late here so I won't post much this day, yet I hope you'll be as curious as me to experience Berlin!

I've a list mixed with some new, interesting exhibitions and I will also do some normal sightseeing.
(I'll write down the list later though. I'm too tired...)

AND: I'll try one of the vegan cafés in Berlin. Since more and more people are vegetarians and vegans or have food allergies, it's a wonderful opportunity for me to find out if there are alternatives or not in Berlin :). It's also a personal quest ;) for me because I also have a food allergy against some dairy products and it would be nice not to need any medicaments against the side effects.

Kind regards,

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