"How To Marry Your Wife" by Stella Marie Alden (English)

How To Marry Your Wife How To Marry Your Wife by Stella Marie Alden (A medieval romance)
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The story has two time lines: 1276 und 1283.

It is a brilliant written book blended with historical occurences and a romantic love story. 

And to be sure everyone knows what happened in this time, I give you some hints about the major occurences in London Towne during these time periods (found in wikipedia.com).

1276 -the year when Edward I invades Wales.
Between these times: - 11. Dezember 1982, when the English defeat the Welsh at the Battle of Orewin Bridge 
1283 - 25. April, when the last independent Welsh stronghold falls to the English

Now to my review:
1276: At the beginning, the story is depicting the love story between Sir Thomas Stephen D'Agostine, a black-haired, blue-gray-eyed, sexy Templar night with Norman features and Meredith Umfraville, a 16-year old, gray-eyed young maiden with luscious, bronze hair.

They are both in England, near London Towne and are madly in love.

But both knew they can't sleep with each other before they're wed because Sir Thomas honour would be questioned then.

Yet, Thomas and Merry has each taken six colourful ribbons of yarn to promise to each other that they will marry when Thomas will return two weeks after their promise from London Town. When their arms are bound together, they are bound to life.

However it is a "play with fire". Unfortunately Thomas drinks the love potion (juice of the poppies) Merry got from old Agatha so Merry and Thomas sleep together finally, yet he wakes up without any memories about the night (like it will turn out later).

1283: Thomas D'Agostine returns from the king's assignment and sees Lady Meredith naked in the Roman bathhouse.

When Meredith figures out that he was all the the time alive and she hasn't gotten any message from him in between, she is furious and she wishes that he stays dead because she prefers that way.
While Thomas was gone, Merry was pregnant and got a child who couldn't look less than Thomas himself: dark locks and features, prominent nose. And of course Tom (their child) wants nothing else than to protect his mum from this strange, new intruder.

Unluckily, Thomas has no memories of the night with Merry and thinks at first that Merry slept with someone else which doesn't lead to a more profound understanding between them and what happened all these years for both of them.

After that, Sir Marcus Blackwell, now Lord of Green Meadows who is happily married and living with Lady Ann and his two sons, 3-year old Timothy and 5-year old Marc, is consulted.

This leads to that Thomas and Meredith (without her wish so) marry immediately so their honour is secured (because only a false, payed and sealed parchment proved Thomas' and Merry's wedding until then). And Sir Marcus reminds Thomas that it was a shock for them all that he is alive and he should ponder more about that he is a free man with an estate he needs to protect from the Scots from now on.

But the only question Thomas asked himself again and again is: Is there still the girl of sixteen who was cheeky and charmant in Mary left or not?

Mary on the other hand contemplate about how she tried to redeem herself with charitable work, with prayers and being a devout, but humorless woman so God would forgive her sins.
And how she tried to start anew with Marcus's brother the Earl and what this all means now.

Meredith asks Ann for help who advises her to trust in God and to appraise her enormous luck with having land near the borders.

Yet, Ann also informs her that Thomas and Lady Meredith need to look out and protect their land until the first snow or the King will give their land to the Earl of Annandale, the Steward of Carlisle.

That means, they only have until Christmas time and it's already spring.

Unfortunately, Ann can't go with her because of her pregnancy so Merry who never rode much before, has to accompany her husband Thomas to a 4-weeks trip to Scotland.

But are her restributions from her sins not already enough?

And will she look different to "Sir Jest a lot" and forgive Thomas?

Will Thomas know her secret and forgive her?

And what will happen when they arrive at their estates in Scotland?

Find out by reading the book! :)

Conclusion: It is a thrilling, heart-warming novel with lurking dangers, illicit secrets and sizziling romantic passages with a bit of mischief. An all around wonderful book, you shouldn't miss out on!

A definite insider tip if you want to read something new and ingenious!

Kind regards,
yours truly

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