Pines (Wayward Pines 1) by Blake Crouch (English edition)

Pines Pines by Blake Crouch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

That was all in all a book I couldn't really make up my mind about...
But find more out! :)
At first we are introduced with the main character:

Thoughts: When I thought about him in the book, he reminded me a bit of the every day hero. But he showed me soon that he also had some more intriguing aspects about his personality.

He is a Secret Service Agent, named Ethan Burke and he finds himself in this seemingly forest and a stream with no memories at all.

Then he walks towards this town with Victorian houses to figure out more. But one secret after another encounter him and he soon works out that the apparently harmless town can reveal more than why he woke up unconscious in a forest alone...

He only knows six things certain:
- his age = 37 years old
- how his mother's face looked like
- who the currently governing president is
- that he is able to fly a helicopter
- that he can play the piano

And that he needs to go to a hospital immediately!
It is a beautiful town in which he dwells.

Yet, something is eerie about it:

It seems almost too perfect. There are no food chains, all gardens are mowed and all seems too much like the perfect suburban houses.

On one mailbox he recognizes the name Mackenzie. It means something to him. However he knows he needs to go further to discover why he is in this town.

But when his memories are coming back one by one about his past, his family, the reason why he decided to drive to Wayward Pines, Idaho. Others try to make him forget his old life again.

Ethan is treated by Dr. Jenkins who is a psychiatrist and he assumes that Ethan's war experience in Iraq changed his perspective.

However Ethan feels different about this and he is aware of something missing in Wayward Pines. Besides the reason that Ethan visited the town is to investigate in the disappearance of two other agents: Kate and Evans. Kate, who was his former partner and the woman he betrayed his wife with.

Ultimately when he discovers that not only that Agent Evans is dead, but that Kate aged immensly the last time he saw her...He realises that the only way to get to Theresa and his son Ben back is to leave Wayward Pines...

... if there would be a way out.

A thrilling, good read to pass the hours and also for reading in betweens! I recommend it gladly to all people who like crime, tension and some bit of mystery.
Unfortunately some parts were not mine and the end was a bit far-fetched. The story also had some anticlimatic elements in it, too.

All in all, I liked it nevertheless and for enjoying some lazy hours, it is the right book! :)

Kind regards,
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