Review: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (English)

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favourite of all Christmas and ghost stories and which I always read on xmas and can never have enough of it!

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My review: It is written by the famous and ingenious Charles Dickens on 19 December 1843 (what a surprise) and was an instant hit like many can imagine.

Who doesn't know of the story with Ebenezer Scrooge? The most know probably the Disney version or with Bill Murray as the leading actor (one of my absolute favourite movie xmas special, I'll definitely tell you about it one day) :D.

But who knows the original plot without any twists or Muppets (another xmas classic in my opinion)?

The plot for these who can't remember now:
The story is divided in five parts. And it begins on a cold Winter day. 

It's the same day, seven years ago when Ebenezer's business partner: Jacob Marley (a name you'll hear once more) passed away.

Scrooge doesn't like Christmas and sees no sense in wasting money to make someone else happy. 

His famous saying is "Humbug." which he uses often to show his displeasure. 

He is an old man who suffers from poor health, yet even more from his bad character traits which he demonstrates as much as he can when he is in company.

Scrooge actually doesn't like company, but prefers his own ways and being alone. Scrooge is the only one with sense in his eyes who is reflecting about the only important concern in the world: money!

That's why Scrooge rejects the friendly and polite invitation of his kind nephew Fred for the family dinner on xmas several times. And why he rudely shows two gentlemen the door who collected for the poor so the poor can be cared for on Christmas.

Scrooge's only good deed is to give his underpaid clerk, Bob Cratchita paid free day on Christmas Day. But even by doing that Scrooge has no good thought behind it.

No wonder, Scrooge need to learn a lesson because this kind of behaviour and attitude can only end bad in the end!

And we don't need to wait long to spot how his bad deeds will be rewarded!

Scrooge is visited by an old, but unwelcome friend and his old partner: Marley's Ghost actually. 

Marley is the messenger who displays how Scrooge will end when Scrooge doesn't change his ways very soon. 

Marley is cursed to wander the earth like many other selfish, unloving people. From his body hang iron chains, chains so long which depict his betrayals, his lies, his greed and egoism

And Marley hears cries, cries so loud which echoes to him. All hurt living souls which are needing help, however Marley can't help them anymore which drives him crazy.

Marley is a warning and he forecasts Scrooge's own end: that Scrooge's chain will be even heavier and longer!

Three other spirits will visit him and Scrooge has to listen carefully to get away from his predestination.

Can Scrooge escape his end and change his forecast?
What will he do?
Who are the other three spirits?
What will they tell him?

And at least: Will he learn his lesson and change his way to become better?

Kind regards,
yours truly

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