"The Peace and Love book club" on Goodreads (English)

Hello, my friends ^_^,

I found a wonderful new group on Goodreads which is called "The Peace and Love book club".

This group is for like-minded people who believe that we can make a difference in the way other people are treated and stop wars.

Here is a link to join the group: The Peace and Love book club

More information about the group:
tags: love and peace
location: Costa Rica (but like all groups you meet online)

This is a private group. Members must be invited or approved by the group's moderator.
1. No swearing
2. No bullying
3. Be nice
4. have fun
I think these are all fair rules and it is a great group to join!

It is a personal group and I hope many people will join it. The group would love active group discussions on peace and how to keep it.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind regards,
yours truly 

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