"Vanity Fair" by William Makepeace Thackeray (English)

Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray
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Vanity Fair or A novel without a Hero is written by William Makepeace Thackeray
1847–48 and is a social satire about that time.

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We, as a reader, are introduced with two main characters in the novel though one stands out, Amelia Sedley, the sweet-tempered, innocent, but also naive girl...

Rebecca Sharp, the cunning, bold girl who would do everything to get money and to have an according prestige to it.

At the beginning of the novel stays Becky (Rebecca) in the house of Emmy (Amelia). Amelia has no problems with money and Amelia feels obliged to help Becky in her current bad situation (no money, no family = no future).

Amelia lives in the city and has a ungainly and boastful brother, named Joseph Sedley.

Of course Becky tries everything to become a pair with him so Becky can get on money.

Even though his character traits leave much to be desired, he is a civil servant from the East India Company and that means money.

Captain George Osborne, an arrogant, but smart looking man again is Amelia's choice of man.

Unfortunately for Becky, Joseph Sedley has no interest in any liasion so Becky needs to look for another candidate to marry or to seduce.

Then there is the reserved, friendly Captain William Dobbin whose a friend of Captain George Osborne and who fell in love with Amelia. Yet, Amelia's happiness is more crucial for him and Amelia loves Captain George.

Since Becky doesn't find a suitable husband in Amelia's household, she begins a position as governess for the daughters of Sir Pitt Crawley, who is a wanton, crudely baronet.

Becky gains the goodwill of Sir Pitt Crawley so much that Sir Pitt Crawley would prefer her as his second wife, after his former died.

However Becky already married his gambling addicted, second son, Captain Rawdon Crawley in secret because Captain Rawdon Crawley is the favourite of Sir Pitt's elder half sister, the old maid Miss Crawley.

And Miss Crawley has all the money Becky so dearly wants and with Beckys efforts before to win her over, Becky is sure she will get the money!

However the marriage was not arranged with Miss Crawley and Miss Crawley also learns that Becky isn't noble, but rather a descendant of a drunkard and artist. And Miss Crawley can't allow this so she punishes them by bequeathing the money to Sir Pitt's oldest son, also called Pitt.

Suddenly Amelia and his family are bankrupt which leads to that Captain George's father prohibits his son to marry this now poor girl. Yet, Dobbie coaxes Captain George to marry her so Amelia and George can be happy.

The problem for George is that his father strikes his name from the list of his heirs and that his father doesn't see him as his son anymore.

All of a sudden, George Osborne, William Dobbin and Rawdon Crawley hear that Napoleon has evaded Elba so they and their wives who train as nurses to accompany their men and Amelia's brother set out to Brussels. 

Will Amelia and George be happy?
What will Becky do?
Has Dobbin a chance to prove himself against the arrogant and gambling addicted George?

This and more you will find out by reading the book! :)

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