My plan and how (and why) I decided to do something else (Cafés / English)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

Now is the time that I'll tell you about my original plan and why I changed it. It's simple when you understand the reasons.

Here is my original plan:

Place to go for a café (before I changed my plan):

Café Tielz & Co., Potsdamer Straße 17
Berlin Tiergarten

Place I went (after I changed my plan):
Restaurant China-City
Leipziger Str. 46
10117 Berlin

And I can tell you why:

Café Tielz & Co was one of my favourite destinations on the route I wanted to travel through Berlin.

Unfortunately between the time I planned what I wanted to see and where to go (2 weeks before) and when I was in Berlin, the Café not only changed its location (instead of Potsdamer Straße 17, now Potsdamer Straße 77), but also its name (its name is Café Tielz Cie now) and the opening times also changed...

And to be honest, I tried several vegan ice cafés in Germany and what really made me sad is that they often change their location or even close their cafés without telling on their homepage beforehand that they would do so.

I mean, it's understandable that not every café will remain because of the Financial Crisis and because money is short and not every customer is a good and easy one, yet... I always thought I would find a vegan café or restaurant I can visit before it is closed permanently :(...

This one (
Café Tielz & Co) is not closed, perhaps it is even not bad, however whenever I tried to find a relocated vegan café, my hopes and dreams that I could eat the perfect, little lactosefree cake or dish would be crushed...

... so instead of going to
Café Tielz & Co., I went to a Chinese Restaurant in the middle of Berlin called:
Restaurant China-City (Leipziger Str. 46).

Eingangsbereich(This picture is from the website:

And I can only say: It was worth it!
I don't know how you think about Chinese dishes, but I LOVE them. Especially the vegetable dishes. I'm not a strict vegetarian or vegan even though I searched for a vegan café (I attempted to be a vegan/ vegetarian once, however I failed miserably).
I only wanted to eat somewhere during my stay in Berlin  where I didn't need any lactase pills so a Chinese Restaurant is great :)!

My friend and I picked each a dish from the menu:
Me: 215. Crispy duck with sweet-and-sour 7,50 €

And my friend:

213. Crispy chicken filled with vegetables  7,00 €

In addition to that, we had Jasmine tea and Oolong tea.

(This picture is from the website:

You could say it was perfect.

In less than five minutes, we both got a Sour and hot soup (which normally costs 2,50 €, however it is included in the menu). It is one of my favourite soups and you can really use in cold weather.

Then a few minutes afterwards, a full bowl of rice and our both menus arrived (it was so much rice, we couldn't make room for it in our stomachs). I'll only say one word: YUMMI!

So we both really couldn't complain.

The Jasmine tea was also with a subtle note and the Oolong a bit stronger (we both enjoyed them very much).

My recommendation:

It's a small, yet nice and pleasant Chinese restaurant, you can't go wrong with. You can go to the Christmas markets and look around. Or go shopping in the middle of Berlin and especially during winter, it's wonderful to have a warm soup to feel better and to heat up and then to top it with a delicious, fine meal and a lovely Jasmine tea.
Besides for notorious internet addicts like me ;), it also has wireless internet. You only need to log in with Facebook or Twitter. Or use the Telekom Internet access.

All in all, a real highlight during my stay in Berlin :)

Kind regards,

PS: I'll narrate more of my stay in the next posts. The next one is about: "Wilhelm Kuhnert -->Brehms Life of Animals (illustrations)"

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