Some challenges ;) (A-Z Challenge) (English)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

now I want to tell you about my various challenges I'm currently doing and what challenges I finished :).

First of all, my A-to-Z challenge on Goodreads.
Like you can imagine it is about reading 26 books.
For example "Rudolph-the Rednosed Reindeer by Robert L. May".

You can use the title "Rudolph..." and take the "R", that means you only need to search for the other 25 letters from now on.

Or you like the author:"Robert L. May" and take the "M" for "May", then you have the letter "M" and you  need to look out for the other letters (except M you already have from now on).

It's really easy. This rule apply to all titles except of "the" which would be too easy-peasy, wouldn't it be?

These are my books on the shelf: A-to-Z. However I haven't updated the shelf so I guess I'll also update this post again :).

date read Down arrow date added

Nov 16, 2015 [edit]

Nov 12, 2015 [edit]

Nov 06, 2015 [edit]

Nov 03, 2015 [edit]

Nov 02, 2015 [edit]

Nov 2015 [edit]

Nov 2015 [edit]

Nov 2015 [edit]

Oct 25, 2015 [edit]

not set [edit]

not set [edit]

So please be curious and look out for new posts! ^_^

I'll also stay curious so I can recount you more fabulous and intriguing stuff I found out! :)

Kind regards,

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