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Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman (21 February 1946 – 14 January 2016)

I'm sorry for not being much online today...RIP to Alan Rickman, one of the greatest actors of this time. Many of my generation probably remember you as Professor Snape from Harry Potter, others in films like Die Hard as Hans Gruber, in Robin Hood as the Sheriff of Nottingham or as Harry in Love Actually...
You always found a way to touch all our hearts, even (or maybe because) your roles varied so much. And you showed that there is always light and dark inside a person.
You brought us happiness and humour and your play was always characterized by depth and brilliance.  May you rest in peace.
We won't forget you.
A list of all his filmsso we will have a look again at his impressive life and remember why we should never forget this clever and mysterious actor (I found the list on wikipedia).
YearTitleRoleNotes1978Romeo and JulietTybaltBBC Television Shakespeare1980Thérèse RaquinVidalBBC serial1980ShelleyCliveEpisode No. 1.71982BustedSimonBBC TV film1982Smiley's PeopleMr BrownlowEp…

New picture: The bus of the German Football National Team

Look what bus I saw on my holiday two minutes ago :) The German football national team :D
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