Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden (English)

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I'm sorry for not being so much active. My father was not so feeling well and I also had some health problems of my own. But now I'll start writing on my blog again :D

One of the last wonderful books I read is called Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden.

It is a novel about: MAGIC, ROMANCE and a bit of PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES ;)

Now I'll firstly introduce the main characters a bit before getting to the story:

There are two basic wizard groups: the Warrior wizards and the Healers. Warrior wizards and healers form kind of packs. These packs consist of their own family and the wizards who have married into the group. Warriors and healers mostly only trust their own group and family.

Warrior wizards are warlocks who fought against other groups in the past. These times are officially over though. They early learn to fight and have offensive magic powers.

Healers are wizards who can see the aura of other people and can prepare herbal concotions. They have defensive powers.
Jack Fialko: The sexy and handsome Jack is in truth a powerful and strong wizard. He is a headstrong and charismatic man and the leader of a warrior witch pack, so Jack learned to be commanding. Nevertheless he also has a kind and charming nature.

Zoe: Zoe is an intelligent, witty person who fully believes in logical and coherent explanations and processes. She can also be very determined if necessary and has a rebellious streak.

The main story is about: Zoe learns to get to know Jack by caring for him at her cousin Olivia's Natural Herbal remedies constitution. Olivia, her cousin is a healer and New Age supporter who  "took her under her wing" after Zoe found out about her remaining family members.

At the beginning, Jack is about to loose consciousness because he is in much pain. Based on his torn shirt, it can only be assumed that he was in a fight. Zoe feels utterly alone and deserted with this task.

Suddenly Zoe notice a kind of black, living creature who is sitting on the chest of Jack and which seems to suck all the energy out of him. Zoe is nearly panicking because the black venom spreads through Jack's body and she knows nothing of magic or situations like this. Her belief in paranormal activities is null and before that she would have found it grotesque if anybody would dare to expect her to believe in them.

Zoe tries to prepare as fast as she can without any help a healing tea, while Jack fights against the poison, his chest stiffens and with his halting forces, he struggles to keep on living.

In one fell swoop, Zoe hears how the vital forces of him are vanishing and next she picks up one line of words which break through her mind: "You know what to do!" And she, who thought she had nothing to do with magic and no real magical talent whatsoever, creates a vortex which strikes through the black mass!

Yet, the mysery about Jack's recurring and fast health is not the only concern Zoe has... because while Zoe is still puzzled, Jack overflows with desire and the wish to sleep with the beautiful woman who rescued him!

And not only he craves for her...Zoe feels pure lust and is fascinated of Jack's firm and pleasant muscles, his hotness and mesmerizing light-brown eyes which seems to have flecks of gold in them...and of course of his magical touch!

However Zoe
has a dreadful past and can she really trust the enigmatic and good-looking warlock who is still almost a stranger?

I hope you liked this review and will read more. Here is an Amazon link where you can read more about the book and buy it: Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden.

The result: An intriguing, spellbinding novel with much love, lust and with many magical adventures and passages!

Kind regards,
yours truly Butterfly

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