"Romance with a Touch of Love" by Kevin Hollingsworth (English)

"Romance with a Touch of Love" by  Kevin Hollingsworth 

...is a beautiful book about poems with a lot of soul, understanding, compassion and earnestness!

It shows all different kinds of genuine love and how we all meet love in various stages of our life:

First love which one we met and which felt like "Cupid's Arrow hit us".

Love which mystifies us,

Long lasting love,

Love which fills up and let the hate and misery of the world vanish,

and which makes us sing aloud.

love which gives us passion, freedom and hope

And the splendid fact that love consists in many ways and which one we love and feel attracted to lay in the eyes of the beholder. Love is the ability to trust and to gift each other until the days of time and forever.

Or love's other side:
how we lose love or never gets the attention of the one we love so dearly.How it sometimes saddens us and makes us despair,

How love can be the elegance itself and far unreaching to behold. Loving words of Goodbye.

However in the end the author presents us with faith by writing these charming and delightful poems that even if we think we lost all our love, we will find love again.

Because Love is our reason to live and to feel alive and is everywhere we look!

The books consist of the following poems:

- My American princess

- Her name was lovely

- Cupid's Love Song

- Daniela

- Death and Marriage

- Hatred Has No Place Here

- If I could sing


-He said Goodbye My Love



All in all:It is a small book which contains amazing poems which only can astonish you with their outstanding delicacy. The writer's passion is appearing remarkably in his poems and all his poems are a display for his appreciation and devotion of his work.

Kind regards,
yours truly Butterfly

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