Second part of Vacationology - PAELLA Recipe (English)

How you can prepare a delicious PAELLA Pan recipe


HOW YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER DRINK and expect that you remember the how to manual for your blog ;)!

Paella consists of the Spanish words: Para and ella which means "For she". It is called like that because when Spanish men wanted to show how much they love a woman, they prepared this. 

I think when you look back, it is a huge achievement because, well, when a man cooks something which so much different ingredients and carefully takes in consideration how everything tastes...It displays his love and appreciation for this special woman. 

Now to the recipe :)

Ok, you know Part 1 - Vacationology Sangria de Cava Class.  


Now Part 2 -How you can prepare a delicious Paella Pan recipe will follow:        

It was the same class and with Joy and Mirella as group leaders :D YAY!

First of all, what do you need for this recipe? Ingredients are for four hungry people :) Of course, I'll write down my own comments in brakets :D

- 500 gram chicken (best are breast or legs)
- 1kg white fish including mussels and squid (fry 1 minute)

-10 prawns (fry two minutes)

-2 bell peppers

-Tomatoe Sauce (fresh is the best :))
-3 cups of Spanish rice (the rice we used and is the best for this dish is called "bomba" in Spain. You should get it in Spanish supermarkets and online.

-7 cups of chicken broth (or vegetable broth. You can do wonderful broth when you cooked a chicken. All the juice is perfect broth)
- Olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of the paellera. The special pan which you use for paella though of course you can use another pan f.ex. one you use for chinese stir-fri).

-4 Galic gloves

-A bit of saffron (if you like to colour the dish although like you can see in the picture, the paella doesn't need any colour :P).

-Salt to taste (as much as you like it)

-A teaspon of sweet red paprika

-2 lemons for decoration

(All vegetables can be in a frozen state for this dish. It doesn't make any difference if fresh or frozen. You can use your preferred method :)).

How to prepare this: 

Please notice I made these notes all by myself when I was drunk. I tried o put some sense in my words, but well...Please use also your sense and think about it. Thanks :).

1) Put some virgin extra olive oil into the pan

2) The chicken leg or breast will be roasted gently in the oil. Please don't forget to turn it on the other side.

3) Now roast the king prawns for two minutes maximum. Also, don't forget the other side and take them out.

4) The prawns are next. Look out that both sides are roasted.

5) Then the squids.

6) Push the chicken to the other side in the pan and let it dry.

7) Use peas (frozen or fresh) and when they are half cooked, use another vegetable for example green and red paprica.

8) Put some olive oil on the side of the pan and garlic.

9) Less the fire or the heat of your stove. Now embed the whole with tomatoe sauce.
Again lessen the fire a bit. Now you need to keep the middle of the pan free and finally put the rice into the middle.

10)You need to turn the rice again and again with your ladle. Now you need the broth next and cast some of it from the side into the pan. Wait until the colour of the rice is light, then you can cast again some broth into the pain from the side of course.

11) When the rice is nearly cooked, add the seafish (maximum 10 mins). Use again some broth and then put the mussels into the pan.

12) The next are the suid and the shrimp. You need a bit of fire again. Use the broth for the mussels and king prawns (you need to water the dish again with broth).

13) Put the fire higher and move the pan a bit. Count to 20.

14) Cover the pan with a cotton blanket for 2-3 minutes.


Kind regards,
yours truly

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