Vacationology - (noun) the study of leisure fun! Sangria de Cava Class with Joy and Mirella in Son Antem

Sangria de Cava Class with Joy and Mirella

Since I promised you all that I will talk about travelling, I'll begin with my stay in Spain (IN SON ANTEM, VACATION CLUB) I've never really mentioned what I did there and which experiences I had so...HERE WE GO! :D

First of all, my first activity in Spain was something EXTRAORDINARY,
something SPECTACULAR and really fun! You can already guess, what it was about, or not?

                                             IT WAS ABOUT SANGRIA!!!

YES! Sangria! So sweet, yummi and surprisingly light :). Something I really never expected because most sangria in Spain is made of red wine and not so easily digestible like this remarkable and delicious Sangria with white wine!

I went to a Sangria de Cava Class because I wanted to try something new. I've never participated in a cooking or food class so far. However after trying this Sangria one: I only thought: WOW!
The class was really entertaining because I were in a group of people and we learned how to do a sangria with many good humour and lots of jokes! I like how the group leaders: Joy and Mirella introduced themselves and how the class started. 

For example one of the highlights of the Cava Class was to count in Spanish:
8 seconds for the brandy and 4 seconds for the schnapps
(though of course one of the group leaders always cheated a bit by casting more brandy and white wine in it to make us laugh out loud :D).

How did we count? Like this
  • 1 - uno
  • 2 - dos
  • 3 - tres
  • 4 - cuatro
  • 5 - cinco
  • 6 - seis
  • 7 - siete
  • 8 - ocho

What do you need for a SANGRIA DE CAVA CLASS?

- Some free time ca. 30 min
- a group of interesting and thirsty people ;)

- The best and wonderful chef and group leader :D And we really had the best!


Because without fun, you will never "get the right feel for this coctail" :D

What do you need FOR THE RIGHT SANGRIA?

-ice cubes

-2 pieces of diced fresh fruits (apple, lemon, orange, strawberry, watermelon, melon). We used lemon and orange this time.

if you like it sweet: 1 teaspoon of brown sugar (though actually I prefer the version without any brown sugar, although I have a sweet tooth :D)

(Spanish sparkling vine from Cataluña) YAY!

3cl Brandy (Yummi! You need to count 8 seconds)

-2cl schnapps (peach or apple or coco) (Don't forget to count to 4 seconds! ;))

-100 ml orange soft drink. In this case we used FANTA :D

And how?
1. Fill the bottom of one (1) liter jug with cubed iced
2. Add the liquors and the Cava
3. Top of with the soft drinks
4. Add the chopped fruits
5. Stir with a wooden spoon (VERY IMPORTANT or the flavour will be not the same!)
Note: If you prepare the sangria in advance, leave it in the fridge without ice and without the soft drinks. Add ice and soft drinks just before serving. (For the Recipe and How to manual, I used the sheet I got from Son Antem so I could introduce them in the right way here :))

All in all: A perfect activity to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

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