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The Branches of Time (English)

The Branches of Time (The Branches of Time #1) by(Goodreads Author)
Hello, my dear followers and friends,
this time I'm writing about a novel again, a science-fiction novel to be precisely :).

A little about the author:
"The Branches of Time" is written by the who also wrote the novel "Galactic energies" which was published in the year 2012 and which I'll also talk about in the next post.

First of all: I think as a blogger, I should mention how amazing and fascinating the cover is. It shows both female characters and you can imagine that it will be a thrilling and intriguing time fiction. 

The story line:
The novel starts with the wedding ceremony between Bashinoir and Lil. It is a cold winter day on the island of Turios and all the islanders are guests of the wedding couple.

The priest is already asking the almost newly weds the one and important question when suddenly a storm of cutting and piercing falling stones a…

Dritte Spanisch Lektion: Farben und Zahlen :) (Deutsch)

Spanische Farben und Zahlen

Und hier sind die Farben!! :D                     

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