Facial Yoga in Son Antem (English)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

you probably ask yourself what I did, beside of the activities I mentioned before, yes? :)

Another class I attended, is called: FACE YOGA :D 

Why is Face Yoga good for you? Well, if you want to keep a shining, youthful appearance, lessen wrinkles or relieve stress, it's the right class for you.
Even Cleopatra and the Empress of the Imperial Court in China used Face Yoga to remain youthful and all in all beautiful.

Like yoga, Face Yoga strengthen your muscles so by training your face muscles, you will prevent that your face muscles will sagging in age.
Besides of that, Yoga makes much fun and you will know when I introduce some of the exercises why you will feel rejuvenated, calm and much happier than before.
First, you need to apply some virgin olive oil and good sea salt on your skin. If your skin is normally dry and tightens from now and then a bit, these two ingredients will soften and moisture your skin. Please don't forget that sea salt also exfoliate the dead skin and impurities on your skin, so use it only 1x per month!!!


Now I'll introduce some of the facial exercises. You can do them at home. I recommend though to show up once to a Face Yoga Class so that the instructor can help you with the correct posture and procedure of the various Face Yoga exercises.
You also need to warm up and relax your face muscles between each session.
The following introduction can't replace a Face Yoga class with an instructor.

I also had a wonderful instructor called Ulrike in Son Antem. When I was there, Ulrike showed with much care, sensitivity and understanding how to strengthen and form the facial muscles and how to relax and smoothen the skin. I can recommend going there 100%!

Now to the facial exercises:
The following pictures are not mine, I took them from the internet.

Lemon Face




Free tongue

Open mouth

Smiling fish

Baby bird


 I hope that these facial exercises will entertain you as much as me :D! Even if you don't believe in the long-term effects, Face Yoga can relieve stress and the olive oil is good for the skin :).

Kind regards,
yours truly Butterfly

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