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Hello, my dear followers and friends,
this time I'm writing about a novel again, a science-fiction novel to be precisely :).

A little about the author:
"The Branches of Time" is written by the

The Branches of Time

The story line:
The novel starts with the wedding ceremony between Bashinoir and Lil. It is a cold winter day on the island of Turios and all the islanders are guests of the wedding couple.

The priest is already asking the almost newly weds the one and important question when suddenly a storm of cutting and piercing falling stones are crashing on the attending crowd. The splinters seem to come from everywhere and all - men, women and children alike - are falling victim by them.

In a heroic and caring act, tries Bashinoir to rescue Lil against the descending rocks which ambush the islanders like a sudden avalanche by taking her to a gully in the mountain side which has enough space to protect one person. He stretches his whole body over the opening to cover her and to secure her well-being.

Side note:
These first lines in "The Branches of Time" depict in a wonderful and amazing way how the author is developing tension and the detailed characterizations of his main characters in the story.

Almost everybody is dead instantly. Only the priestress, Lil and Bashinoir are keeping alive.

And of course there are questions, many questions...

Was this acute assault a harbinger of other following attacks of black magic? And are the culprits and aggressors the Wizards of Isle?

Why couldn't the elders and especially the priest and priestress prevent the attack?

And what should the only three survivors who seem more than before unprotected and puzzled
do to defend themselves?

Some of these questions can be explained here:

To start with, after Bashinoir and Lil learn to know about that they are two of the three remnants, they are at loss about their lives. The priestress persuades them to take shelter in the temple. It is the only place they are sure that nothing can harm them because the temple is strongly shielded by the priestress' magic from any negative influences.

What is the temple and life of the priestress about? The priestress' life is only devoted to the temple, its functions and responsibilities. It is a holy and sacred place where order and organization is everything. The lives of the priest and priestress has a severe routine and there is no place for self-realization and a private life. Only the duty for their own civilisation and community is taken in consideration and besides of that, enlightment and a religious and special state of mind are needed to protect the community in the necessary manner.

Now to some of the characters and their on-going relationships between them:

has a dark complexion with a flawless and beautiful face, she has a small stature and long, dark curls. She feels the most disoriented at the beginning because she knows that nothing is left and everyone is gone. Before the marriage, she thought about running away even though she knew she could never escape the prison (because the island was like a real prison for her). She is not in love of Bashinoir, but she would always stay faithful to him.

Bashinoir has a practical mind and in contrast to Lil never really imagined a life outside the island. He cares for his wife and can be easily jealous.

Miril is the priestress and kept a mysterious person until she needed to open up and reveal more about the nature and life of a priestress. Her wisdom and her adjudication are never questioned before,... however now it is the time for questions after everyone who is left ask themselves how this attack could have happened. 

The Elders
were the ones who took care about the more secular powers. They also settled the disputes and were the ones who decided to travel overseas after the Northern Lands were no longer habitable. They (including the priesthood) concluded that the normal populace shouldn't perceive the whole truth why they had to flee.

The next step is (unfortunately) some critizing I need to do...

My new rating system so you understand the reasons better why I loved this and why I didn't like that etc. :  

Sorry, but I hoped there would be more of / about ... in this story.
Exactly, that's why I liked the story so much! YAY!

Hmm...Well, there were some good parts in it.

That passage was the best and will be the best in all time <3!

A star! How many stars does the story well deserve?

Although I loved the scenic views and descriptions of the main personifications, I wished that the author would have written more about some unusual and refreshing, unique characters and that he would have written less about some others...:(

I love how the time switches between the now and past and the different characters which appear (their complex and specific development facinated me absolutely).  

Well, but why did the author write so much about Beanor whose only worry is how he can have his own sexual pleasure by degenerating other women or living out his violent blood lust?

I see, that he is very important for the plot and you need to know about his quirks and that he wields power by threatening and destroying people physically and psychologically. That is true.

However, I wished that the second part of the book consisted more about the development of Miril and Lil (Why? Milir and Lil develop to strong and independent women who also risk their lives after they retrieve and both carry the emotional wounded and ill Bashinoir after he found out that all dead bodies vanished. It would have been amazing to read more about them because of their astonishing characters) and how the relationship with Bashinoir advances. Maybe even Bashinoir's sceptical view of the events and his desperation.

The book is well written and has many great passages which are a mixture of fantasy, sci-fy and erotics (though I really think the part of erotics was too excessive).

I loved how the author created his imaginative world and about the idea of the branches of time (which I won't discuss more so I do not to spoil the novel).

I only hoped more to see about Aldin and Obodil or even how the survivors try to organize their days so they have enough food and distract themselves from the brutal reality.
Or even how rituals and basic magic lessons are performed, this would have given the story a fuller picture.

Or more about the history about the sole survivor's enemy (the wizard of Isle) and how they build up their society before Bainor reigned...

Or the other administrative organizations or how the infrastructure of this society looks like...

So I'm more than excited and enthusiastic to hear about the second installment of the series,
why Bailor is taking revenge and what the branches of time are telling us (the nosy readers) more then...

Overall, it was an astonishing and excellent written fantasy sci-fi mix with brilliant characters and a terrific pace and suspense (with some exceptions which are not ruining the novel though) which let the reader wonder and inquire how everything will take place in the next book and what the main characters will undergo to achieve their ends (?).

The conclusion:


I hope you enjoyed my review and will read more on my blog.

Kind regards,
yours truly
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