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FotoJet Part 3 Simply living day by day (English)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

this is the last post about the photo editing service FotoJet.

Step 1: You either upload a picture to edit or choose one of the samples :).

Step 2: At first I crop the picture for my purposes.


 Step 3: I use the mirror function (over the apply button) so the face views to the other side.

Step 4: Ok, this is done.Then I straighten it.

 Step 5: I change the setting for the exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows.
 Step 6: I also modify saturation, temperature and tint.
Step 7: I sharpen and clarify the image.

Step 8: From there on I use the function: dehaze.

Step 9: And I use Vignette.

Step 10: To make the impression further that it is an old, oil painting, I intensify the noise.

Step 11: The effects make the photograph even more interesting.

I try Portrait

And... Food which makes the piece more fabulous.

 Step 12: Directly after that follows the font. An ornate pinkish and blue engraving is perfect.

FotoJet Part 2 - How to create a Pirates Twitter Headline (English)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,
this is second part of the short summary what FotoJet can offer you when you try the free online photo editor, collage maker and Graphic designer.

I will tell you here and now how you can create a Pirates Twitter Headline :).

You ask yourself why..Well, when you are able to create this, you can create banners, headers and covers, too!!! :D

Step 1: This is the second starting position for the designs. You already know the first for the collages.

Step 2: You need to sign up to proceed. You can either sign up with your name or email or with Facebook.

 Step 3: After signing up, you need to confirm your email.

 Step 4: Now you set up your account: your name, password, gender and picture.

Step 5: The next step is to choose a design. I pick the topic with the seagull and lighthouse.

Step 6: I select a yellow font with black fringe and type: "Ahoy!"

Step 7: I need some stickers so I move the mouse to the section clipart. 

Step 8: I search for "pira…

FotoJet Part 1 - Cats Collage (English review)


The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) by James Dashner (English review)

The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) by(Goodreads Author) Hello, my friends and followers,  now the time is coming for the third installment in the Maze Runner Series :). Another great and marvellous YA dystopian Science Fiction novel by James Dashner. The Plot: The protagonist Thomas is held in solitary confinement because he dared not to be controlled by WICKED. So even after he believes he is going crazy and won't come out again, the Assistant Director Janson or Rat Man (that's how the Gladers call him) release Thomas finally.

The Gladers and Group B are told that there is a cure for the Flare, which is an illness that turns humans into zombie. Some of them were already immune, some not.

WICKED promises that their memories will be restored and the chips, which controlled their emotions will be removed. Yet, who can trust this organization after all what happened? Thomas, Teresa and Aris would also lose their ability to communicate t…

The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner (German review)

The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) von(Goodreads Author)
Hallo, meine lieben Freunde und Follower,
Endlich habe ich ein wenig Zeit über das zweite Buch und den Jugendroman / Dystopie / Science-Fiction Roman von James Dashner zu schreiben.

 Handlung: Natürlich geht es wieder um die Gladers, Thomas und seine Freunde und nicht zu vergessen Teresa. Nachdem sie am Ende des ersten Teils gerettet worden, beginnt es wie Thomas und die anderen im Wohnheim schlafen.

Nachdem die Gladers dem verrückten Experiment entkommen konnten, scheint es, als ob alles wieder ruhig und friedlich ist.

Allerdings haben die Probleme erst angefangen: Am Abend erfahren Thomas und Teresa, dass sie eine telepathische Verbindung zueinander haben und so kommunizieren können. Jedoch, als es tags wird, wacht Thomas auf und weiß, das etwas fehlt…jemand. Teresa, die einzige weibliche Glader verschwand über Nacht. Und das ist nicht das Schlimmste. Cranks, normale Menschen, di…

The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner (English review)

The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) by(Goodreads Author) Hello, my dear friends and followers,
Finally, I got some time to write about the second book and YA dystopian science Fiction novel written by James Dashner.
 Plot:  It is of course again about the Gladers, Thomas and his friends and not to forget Teresa. After being rescued at the end of the first installment, it begins with Thomas and the other teenagers sleeping in the dormitory.  After the Gladers could escape the crazy experiment, it seems like everything is peaceful for now.  
However the problems only have started: In the evening Thomas and Teresa experience that they have a telepathic connection to each other and can communicate with each other. Yet, in the daylight when Thomas wakes up he knows something is missing... someone. 
Teresa, the only female Glader disappeared overnight. And that is not the worst. Cranks, normal people who got the disease, called the "Flare" an…

Twitter Decoded: Tips & Tools for Authors by Ruth L. Snyder (Deutsch)

Twitter Decoded: Tips & Tools for Authors von(Goodreads Author) Das nächste Buch über das ich reden werde, ist ein Ratgeber, wie man Twitter benutzt, ohne zu viel Zeit zu verschwenden, gerade für Autoren.

Vor dem eigentlichen Start des Benutzerhandbuches, gibt es eine exzellente Übersicht mit einer Tabelle über die Kapitel.

Nun zum Handbuch: Als erstes, gibt es eine kurze Einleitung über Twitter als Kurznachrichtenservice. Der Autor stellt die Vorzüge dar, z. B. Tweets passieren im echten Leben, leichte Unterhaltungen führen zu Beziehungen mit Menschen über die ganze Welt, Tweets helfen dir deine Plattform aufzubauen (alles was die Leute über deine Bücher usw. bemerken sollen) und wie Twitter die Verkaufszahlen allgemein steigert. Dann erklärt sie, wie man seine ersten Erfahrungen am besten mit Twitter macht: eine Lebensbeschreibung hinzufügen, den Anwendernamen und wir man den Account  einrichtet, sodass er persönlich und einzigartig wird. Kapitel 3 ist dar…