Fighting Blind by C.M. Seabrook (Goodreads Author)

Fighting Blind



The Cover:  What a yummy eye-catcher! ;) A muscular, young and handsome man with a six pack, a dark tattoo with an entwined and intricate pattern on his right upper arm and with dark hair fills most of the front. The  title in red is striking and bright.

The Plot: Theo Ryan, the main character is a successful MMA fighter and owner of his own gym which is a replica of the MGM Grand. He is 25-years old and has enough to retire when he wins the next fight.

Moody, his best friend, tells him about a woman who wants something from him. Theo believes at first it it only one of his fans (Theo is a womanizer).

However, he couldn't be more surprised and shocked when he sees Mackenzie Brooks or short Mac who was his first and only love.

Theo and Mac haven't met each other for three years and her beauty still bewitches Theo: long, brown hair in glossy waves and the eyes of the colour of caramel with flecks of amber and gold.

Theo would have given anything for her, but she left and he asked himself: why?

All of a sudden Theo notices that Mac is underweight and has dark shadows under her eyes. She seems to hide something. Yet what is she hiding?

They are both changed and it seems the past would now bring back what they guessed was already gone. After everything what happened Theo feels betrayed and Mac too emotional to reveal anything.  However, before they could discuss anything, Mac takes off.

Despite of Mac's plea to forget her, he goes after her. Mac tries to pay for a medicament in a pharmacy, but she has not enough money. Theo helps her and drives her to the women's shelter, she currently stays in.

Be that as it may, they kiss in the car and it seems like the world explodes because nothing was ever so good.

When Theo attempts to confront her, Mac flees again without her medicament. Theo reads that her prescription is for Logan Mitchell and he is instantly jealous.

He hastens to the shelter in fury when in shock, he swiftly observes that Mac is sitting next to a crying child.

Theo doesn't know why, but he perceives that Mac needs support. Not only for herself, yet for her beautiful girl, too.

Why did Mac really run away?
What problems does Mac have?
And does their love a chance after all these years?

You can recognize fast that Theo is not the only one who fights and that it is necessary that both care for each other.

All in all, a thrilling,  heartwarming novel with many secrets and two main characters who can't hide against their dark past anymore.

5- full points :) I recommend it for all romance lovers and for people who like to read an intriguing novel with a different story than usual.

Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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