FotoJet Part 1 - Cats Collage (English review)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

now I'll present you a new addition to my blog: photos, apps and games. This time it is about a new online tool which can help you to edit, improve and enhance your photos: Fotojet.  

So you know all advantages, I split my review in three parts. I'll explain the three functions of the website by giving you examples. Pictures are added to your understanding. The pictures often show only a part of the website therefore you are not getting confused :).

The first part is called, Cats Collage ;) You'll see what I mean when I demonstrate step by step what to do if you want to create a collage:

The website is starting.

Step 1: Ok, I clicked "Collage". You can find it in the upper part of the screen. You can choose which kind of collage you would like. I use the Classic Layout.

 Step 2: Next, you can add a picture (an already existing one or one of your own). I selected the cat and the flowers on the right side.

 Step 3: Ok, after selecting my pictures, I need some stickers for my collage hence I continue with: Clipart.

 Step 4: Some flowers and animals would be nice. What do you think?

Step 5: There are three categories: Plant, Animal, Weather and Season. I want a specific animal first: the brown cat.

Step 6: The cat has the right size. However, I also like flowers for my collage. I resize the flower like I would in Word and drag the mouse to the cat's ears.

Step 7: Ok, that's done. I drag and drop a wreath in the middle of the upper side. Yellow supporting lines guide you.

Step 8: If one object overlaps another: You can determine which one should be on top or bottom.

Step 9:  The text. 

I pick the yellow, simple font.

Step 10: I also love embellishments: A speech bubble would be the best for the cat at the bottom of the page.

Step 10: I need to turn the speech bubble horizontally so it looks fine with the cat.

Step 12: I'm ready to save, share or print my collage. The buttons are above your collage.

When you want to print your collage, your printer will appear in a second window.

Result: Fotojet is great if you want to create collages, especially for a free service. Many add-ons and a wide variety give you the possibility to embellish your collage. Even for beginners, it is easy to use.

Thank you for reading the instruction to: Fotojet Part 1 - Cats Collage.

I hope you enjoyed my review and will read Part 2: How to create your own Pirates Twitter headline :)

Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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