FotoJet Part 3 Simply living day by day (English)

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

this is the last post about the photo editing service FotoJet.

Step 1: You either upload a picture to edit or choose one of the samples :).

Step 2: At first I crop the picture for my purposes.



 Step 3: I use the mirror function (over the apply button) so the face views to the other side.

Step 4: Ok, this is done.Then I straighten it.

 Step 5: I change the setting for the exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows.
 Step 6: I also modify saturation, temperature and tint.

Step 7: I sharpen and clarify the image.



Step 8: From there on I use the function: dehaze.


Step 9: And I use Vignette.

Step 10: To make the impression further that it is an old, oil painting, I intensify the noise.

Step 11: The effects make the photograph even more interesting.

I try Portrait

 And... Food which makes the piece more fabulous.

 Step 12: Directly after that follows the font. An ornate pinkish and blue engraving is perfect.

Step 13: Of course, stickers can't be missed :)

Step 14:  I change the colour for vignette from black to pink.

 Ok, that's all :) I hope you liked the overview. FotoJet is fantastic for editing and it really makes fun like you could see.

Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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