How to Seduce a Queen by Stella Marie Alden (Goodreads Author)

How to Seduce a Queen


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Today I'm writing about the 3rd part of the Medieval Romance series written by .

The cover shows the beautiful Queen of Man, Lady Fay, and the sexy Nicholas Bruce with the castle in No-Man's Land, near Carlisle, in the foreground. A mysterious, light blue mist and romantic moon plus an elegant curved typography in silver complete the existing picture.


1283, in the castle in No-Man's Land, north of Carlisle around Christmas time, we as readers get a preview of the coming events. 

Nicholas De Bruce was wounded
in the shoulder by arrows. What happened to the good-looking, hazel eyed and red-haired Nicholas? And who is the mystifying Lady Fay he clearly fell in love with?

That and many other things we find out in the next chapters.

But before...

...,three months prior

The fifth Earl of Annandale and Grandsire has the overriding authority over his son and grandson, Nicholas De Bruce. Besides of that Nicholas is a bastard so to get knighted, he has to do one last task: Nicholas should kidnap Lady Fay, the Queen of the Island of Man and get her pregnant. And after that divorce her again and accuse her of sleeping with other women. In that manner, the Grandsire argued, Nicholas could act in the name of King Edward and England.
However, in reality the Grandsire only wants to pursue his own interests.

On the Isle of Man, Lady Fay got a message by pigeon that King Alexander of Scotland who she thought
she stand under the protection, wants her to marry or die. Lady Fay, who lives on an island surrounded by dutiful guards, previously shot arrows at her last two suitors. Her aunt Agatha, who also lives on Man also expects her to marry. Aunt Agatha believes in the Ancient Gods and gives Lady Fay the prediction that "she will pierce her heart's greatest desire".

On behalf of the Grandsire, Lady Fay and Nicholas should have married before when they met in the Castle in Scarborough,  however, in the last second Nicholas send her away for her own safety.

That's why it will be more difficult to meet Lady Fay again.

Eaton, Nicholas's best friend suggests that Nicholas should use a decoy: Nicholas should introduce himself as Priest and half-brother of himself with an eye-patch, long cowl and darken his red locks to black to mislead Lady Fay. And Nicholas and his group should be
officially priests who sworn to find the Holy Grail and treat the ill. Along with that Nicholas should claim he longed to undo his brother's evil ways.

When Nicholas and his men finally arrive, Lady Fay is
convinced and she slowly falls in love with him, the only question remains: What will happen when Nicholas recognized he feels more than a desire for Fay and when showing his love is more than a task?

And what will Nicholas decide in the end: his love or his knighthood (and consequently against the Grandsire's plan to get the throne)?

And what is Lady Fay's great dark secret?

Which circumstances will control their lives and fates like players in a game and will they stay together after all? 

This and more you will find out by reading

How to Seduce a Queen


All in all:

An intriguing romantic novel with many surprises and emotional tumult the characters encounter. The in-between doubt, heartache, jokes, danger and medieval, dramatic sword fighting has all covered what the reader's heart wish and desire and more :). I recommend it to all fans of historical, especially middle age novels, for people who love a romance with good puns and humour, outstanding and thrilling battles and for love and loyalty until the end.

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yours truly 
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