Planet Of The Eggs: Cracked Open (English)

Planet Of The Eggs: Cracked Open

by Peggy Bechko (Goodreads Author)Charlene Brash-Sorensen

Published by Allied Alien Press 

Hello, my dear friends and followers :). 

Today I'll introduce you to a brand-new comic series called  
Planet Of The Eggs. The first part is titled: Cracked Open. Currently are four parts of the story available. 

The cover looks like a blend of Modern Art with its vibrant colours and exceptional collage technique. Pictures of birds and other objects are in the focus. Photo and text effects and atmospheric background images make up the rest of this intriguing and different comic.

The lively and vivid colours are especially designed for children 2-12, however also parents will have fun to read this amusing story for kids.

On the front page you can see the heroes: the prophesied eggs, their mentor: a wise owl named Eight Hooter and one enemy Bloodblink, the snake, in an old Greek temple. Behind them you can notice the earth and a crack inside the temple wall.
On the back page is a green and lively jungle which is specifically interesting for children who wish to discover the world and want to experience adventures.

The Story:
It begins with thunder and a storm. The Magical Council gave Eight Hooter, the wise owl, the task to protect and train the arrival of the foretold six eggs.

On the sixth day of the sixth month in 600 years, six eggs will be born who will rescue the world. A vortex will appear and light and darkness will fight again until one will have the upper hand.

Here is a list of the born warrior eggs who have to rescue the world:

Sala is a white, red and black-coloured and Cyrus a black and red-coloured Muscovy.

Twilight is a blue-coloured Heron.

Smudge is a mix of a Robin and Lorikeet.

Skink is an unknown green egg.

 Nightfist is a falcon.

"Light and darkness are perpetually at war and the time is turning so the six winged and scaled must arrive. They are the only and last hope."

The legendary eggs and their adventures can be compared with the legends of Greek and Roman heroes (the Odysee) or of King Arthur and his men. Even elements in Star Wars or other fantasy novels can be found for example the appearing weapons which manifest out of thin air. And sometimes the wise owl Eight Hooter talks in trance and a bit like Yoda.

The charms of the story is clearly the connection of the native birds with fantastical elements, the battle of good and evil which make young and old fun.

Children can identify with the eggs because they are also young and need to learn a lot in their age. Their world is full of imagination and magic. They are growing up, learn responsibilities and have to decide what is right or wrong like the six little birds. On the adventure, the eggs also pick up important lessons e.g. be kind to others, a group is stronger than a person alone and to accept help and advice by their elders when necessary.

All in all, the start of an intriguing comic which is suitable for young children to read with their parents or for older children to read alone between the age of 2-12.

Beside of some minor mistakes, the comic gave me lot of joy and I fully recommend it :).

4 full Stars!!!


Kind regards,

Butterfly Mentions

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