Planet Of The Eggs Eruption by Peggy Bechko, Charlene Brash Sorensen

Planet Of The Eggs Eruption

Hello, my dear followers and friends,
this is the fourth and for the moment last review of Planet of The Eggs. However, you don't need to be sad, the fifth installment will follow soon in August. :)

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Planet of The Eggs Eruption

The cover: On the front several green dinosaurs of the kind named Ornithomimus can be seen in a starry, barren landscape. There is a mountain range the sea, coloured in red, brown and beige tones. Skink, the unknown egg and with a red tail, accompanies the dinosaurs.

On the back you can notice the Tyrannosaurus Rex prepared to attack, behind him a geyser and next to him a short summary of the story.

The story: In Eggland shells are beginning to crack and the eggs are hatching. That means the power of the magical council diminishes. Good against evil might lose at the end. The Golden Feather, the Grimoire: Book of Spells and the Diamond Egg are missing (which resembles the Fabergé Egg of Queen Elizabeth II :)).

In the meanwhile, Parker arrives with his escort of eggs: Pyri, Pahni, Panno, Pako and Paxton in the desert. Parker's group is a variety of native birds of England. Parker became leader after he got the medal of bravery for the last adventure with the prophesied eggs.

The Diamond Egg and the Grimoire: Book of Spells always have to be together. That's why Parker and his bunch are pulled into the vortex to the foretold eggs who have the legendary book.

In the last adventure, Loki, the trickster, could escape with the Golden Feather. Nightfist, the falcon, feels guilty because he was entranced by Loki's voice to free Loki.

Anyway, the foreseen heroes trudge through the sandstorm back to the oasis. At the same time, Eyes, the seer Meerkat senses the return of the eggs.

The long awaited eggs go to the tent where the meerkat is and the troop of Parker to the mess hall. In the tent, the meerkat tells them that the Golden Feather is the key to stopping the earthquakes.

Eight Hooter, who had the appearance of a snow owl before changes into a Barn owl and brings a scrap of the lost prophecy from the mummified egg. The writing reveals "Death. Destruction and suffering.".

The Barn Owl also explains that the survival of all is relevant for all.

A time portal suddenly opens and shows the time / space location of the golden feather.

The egg warriors head into the Jurassic time in an unknown location, a time in which dinosaurs still existed!!

All at once and out of control, the portal spews humans from Wyoming who are driving in a Jeep forth. A dinosaur burst out of the trees, fireballs fly.

After everything calms down and the eggs and humans built a safe campsite near gentle vegetarians of the Jurassic, they introduce themselves and become friends.

Small description of the humans:

Dot studies Dinosaurs and is a licensed medic.

Dave is Dot's twin brother and studies storms.
Smith's speciality is in the T-Rex.

What will the alliance of humans and prophesied eggs do?

Will the Egglands get the Golden Feather and rescue the world?

For more, please read:

Planet Of The Eggs Eruption


I hope you liked my review :) I recommend the comic to read with children and their parents :D


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