Planet Of The Eggs: Grimoire Book of Spells by Peggy Bechko, Charlene Brash-Sorensen

Planet Of The Eggs: Grimoire: Book of Spells

Planet Of The Eggs Comic series written by Grimoire: Book of Spells.
I hope you enjoyed part 1 and are curious to know more :)!

The cover: In the foreground you can see our brave heroes: Sala and Cyrus, the Muscovy, Twilight, the Heron, Smudge, the Robin Lorikeet mix, Skink, the green unknown egg and Nightfist, the falcon.

New to
the group is Parker, the brown owl with the Middle age axe, who is the younger brother of Eight Hoot. Next to the heroes is one of the enemies, a fierce, green dragon.
Behind them are the towers of the Shadowgate Castle, which belongs to the kingdom of the evil sorceress Sina.

In the middle is the shrouded in legend Grimoire - Book of Spells, which reminds me of Solomon tales and his magical scriptures.
Not to forget, Eight Hooter takes part again in the adventures of the prophesied eggs.

On the back of the comic you'll notice the medieval hall and a short summary of the story.

At the beginning of the comic, the six egg warriors plus Eight Hooter and his brother Parker tumble out of the vortex which snatched them away in the last adventure.

They land in the forest, near Shadowgate Castle. Here they meet the guardian Stumpbeard who warns them to go in the castle. Unfortunately Eight Hooter knows it is the only way back home so they set out for another undertake. 

During their adventures, the foretold heroes grasp some of their special abilities, for example Twilight is good in bandaging his fellow comrades or throwing fireballs, Nightfist favourite weapon is a bow and arrow, Cyrus uses the trident of Neptune etc.

Their appearances also change a bit during their battles because they grow up, e.g. Skink grows a tail and Smudge is glowing after leaving the vortex.

The group also has to bring the Grimoire book of Spells, which the sorceress Sina stole back to Eggland. Add to that, Eight Hooter retrieved the Diamond egg (which has a semblance of the Fabergé egg) from the hateful Sina. 

However, suddenly, Smudge and Twilight are arrested by Sina's minions Kegar, the satyr and Onud, the spectre (both remind me a bit of the Blinking Angels in Doctor Who :scary:).

So the bunch has two missions: one to rescue Smudge and Twilight, secondly Eight Hooter, Nightfist and Skink will go to the treasure room and get the Grimoire.

In the meanwhile, Onud questions the prisoners, Smudge and Twilight, and Cryrus and Parker rush to help them.

Sadly, Eight Hooter loses his glasses therefore Nightfist has to lead the small pack to the treasure room. 

Can the predicted six of eggs reclaim the Grimoire?
Will Smudge and Twilight be saved against Sina and her minions?
What are their other special abilities and can they use them to triumph and in consequence the good win against the evil?
These and more questions will be answered if you read

Planet Of The Eggs: 

Grimoire Book of Spells


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