Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg by Peggy Bechko, Charlene Brash Sorensen

Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg

by  (Goodreads Author)
Published by Allied Alien Express

Hello, my dear followers and friends,
this is the third part of the "Planet of the Eggs" series called Mummified Egg.

The prophesied eggs are pulled from the portal in Shadowgate into the desert.

The cover: On the front, you can see Nightfist with a bow and arrow and next to him Loki (Doesn't the name reminds you of some Nordic God ;)), the mummified egg. Behind them are Egyptian pillars with hieroglyphs on them. (They remind me a lot of the Egyptian pillars in Luxor). 
On the back is depicted a camel in the desert. On the right is a scroll which reveals the summary of the story.

The comic begins with the expected six eggs heroes in a desert cave who search for a new portal home. Cyrus has the ability to summon suitable maps from thin air. They need water so he gains a map with the available water sources in close proximity. 

After they found water, Sala tries to cast a spell with the help of the Grimoire book of spells. However Sala raises a sandstorm instead of a camel and out of it walks a garwolf. Even so the garwolf is harmless and they name him Gar.

All at a sudden, Bloodblink, the treacherous snake, turns up. He stuffed himself in the medical bag Twilight carries because the sun is too hot for Bloodblink.

Soon after the Keepers of the Oasis, a group of ostriches, show up before Nightfist and Smudge and offer food.

Without warning, an earthquake erupts all worlds. It was predicted by an Eggland myth that the forces of darkness will surge the world.

In Eggland, meanwhile, Parker's fate is discussed by the council of magic. Parker, who is Eight Hooter's younger brother, went to the last adventure with the foretold eggs, though he should have stayed at the castle. 

Be that as it may, Parker explains his reasons: that he only did his duty and protected the eggs against the dragon. 

For this, Parker receives the medal of the cracked eggs, a medal of bravery.

A new earthquake occurs.

In the evening, the predicted eggs find the meerkat seer Eyes. Simultaneously Nightfist hears a voice named  Loki, which draws him to Loki.

Nonetheless Eyes warns against the dangerous egg Loki, who is a mummified trickster and imprisoned. 

"If Loki goes free, darkness will expand its powers."

What will happen to the prophesied eggs?
Will they find the portal?
What will Nightfist decide: listen to the dark voice or to his friends?
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Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg





Kind regards,
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