Bigger Things by Ev Bishop (English review)

Bigger Things

Hello, my dear followers and friends,

I think especially now approaching winter and its cold, we all welcome a warm blanket to snuggle into, a hot beverage and a chick lit which helps us to feel good. This is the kind of book I'm talking about now :).

The Cover: On the upper part, there are three young women: on the left, the dark-haired Chelsea with a blue strapless top, in the middle Kyra with her blonde hair and a light brown hat with a white ribbon around it and on the right, Jen with her cinnamon-coloured hair and a turquoise top. It seems to be a fine summer day with only a few clouds. Below them is the big city Vancouver. The typeface for the title is also turquoise and cheery and well suitable for a Chick-lit novel.

The story: The novel is about the three best friends Chelsea, Kyra and Jen, who know each other since grade two and went through thick and thin. Jen was overweight in the past and still struggles with her weight ever since she was bullied by her mother as a teenager.
Now, after losing weight and getting in shape, Kyra and Chelsea (and of course Jen's mum) expect Jen to date, yet after being betrayed of her former boyfriend Jay, she can't trust any guy and reads instead of going on dates. So Kyra and Chelsea concoct a plan how Jen can find her true love after all! First, they sign her to an online dating portal called Soul Mates. And then they contact a guy, named Greg, in Jen's name so she can get to know him via email.

And even though Jen has made a firm commitment to herself not to date anymore, she begins to enjoy her chats with Greg..
I thought that the partially humorous comments were really refreshing since many women (and of course also men) have wrong body images of themselves. "Fat Girl" answers the emails of these victims and also tries to clarify what wrong concepts they have instead of just being generally or recommending a diet.
Through the novel, you also learn that nobody's life is perfect and that all of them fight their inner battle. It is also written (although it demonstrates serious life challenges) in a funny tone and you also can identify easily with the main characters. It's perfect as a light reading and for an evening full of laughter - I really died of laughter when I read "Fat Girl"'s comments about skinny girls who wants to become even thinner - because it is so true!

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