Kurzgeschichte: Warst Du auch schön brav? by Chriz Wagner (English review)

Kurzgeschichte: Warst Du auch schön brav?


Hello, my friends and followers,

this time I've something Christmassy for you, but told a bit differently than most Christmas stories you know.
It is an entertaining and thrilling short story written by the German author Chriz Wagner.

The cover: It is mostly in blue colours. On the right is a dark tree, below is a fence and in the left upper corner, you can see the sledge of Santa with his reindeer and the moon in silvery light. The typeface is soft and friendly and adapted for younger readers.

The story:  Lucie and her parents walk around the Christmas market until Lucie discovers a jumping jack which was a former marionette and is wearing a blue and white suit with stars on it and a cap which has an aluminum spot on it. 
Everything around them is decorated with tinsels, garlands and glitter balls.

Lucie begs that her parents should buy her the jumping jack, but her cries don't affect them.

However, another kid gets the jumping jack and all seems to be forgotten, when the Nicholaus suddenly arrives with many exciting presents. He has all kinds of toys and plush pets and every child want a gift of course.

But is everything as it seems?

An intense, spooky and well implemented fairy tale, based on the stories of Saint Nicholas in the past.

I recommend it to all young readers in the age of 12 and older.

5 Stars!!!

Kind regards,

Butterfly Mentions

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