Melting Steel by C.M. Seabrook (English review)

Melting Steel

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now I'll present you with the following gem :)

The cover: A smart, handsome man with a blunt elegance, a shirt which reveals more than it conceals, dark hair and a groomed beard. A powerful typeface in dark red which appears to be concise. A dark background which is mysterious and dangerous.
Only a short time afterwards, he also notices the six-year old Keeley is hiding behind a tree. She has pale blue eyes, dark hair, many bruises on her arms and legs and filthy, shattered clothes.
Jax, a former boyfriend with lots tattoos and muscles, yet even more problems he is causing, is a violent drug dealer and also sold drugs to her younger brother Drew. Unfortunately, Drew seems to be addicted again and he stole money and dope from Jax.
Now Jax wants to kill them both when Keeley won't get him 10.000 Dollars.

Of course, when Jax appears, Henry (the good-looking stranger) rushes to her aid and really gentlemanlike defends her.

However can Keeley really trust him after all her bad experience in the past she had with men?
And what is Henry's secret?
And where is Drew?

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