Planet Of The Eggs Eruption 2 Saving Dot (English review)

Planet Of The Eggs Eruption 2 Saving Dot

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Planet Of The Eggs Eruption 2 Saving Dot
I'll immediately begin with the review:

This is the fifth installment of the comic book series written by Peggy Bechko and Charlene Brash Sorensen.
The cover:

As you can see, there is a crystal clear, blue lake and a forest begins at the edge of the shore. It seems to be the beginning of winter because snow lies on the bank.

The colours look very fine and precise and especially orange and blue emphasize the features of the cover picture. Orange also appears again in the typeface and which really attract one's attention is that Dot is crossed out!
Of course, I can't forget the main characters here: Firebreath, the green dragon, Sala, the white, red and black coloured Muscovy is covering the Grimoire and Dot, the woman, from Wyoming. 

To the story:

In the last adventure, the dragon, Firebreath, grabbed Sala, the Muscovy and the spell caster, and wanted to fly away and finish her off. However, he couldn't foresee that Dot is a brave and clever woman and would jump and hang on to his feet!

In the first scene, they are in Dinoland. Sala is out of breath and unfortunately she drops the Grimoire! Below them are Parker and his troops, knights which vowed to retrieve the golden feather and help the Legendary Six Eggs to fulfill their destiny: to rescue all the worlds from colliding!
All of a sudden, Firebreath reaches his dragon's lair and threatens Dot with breaking her neck. Yet, the day hasn't come that Sala would give up without trying to rescue her friend. The Muscovy only has her sword and faith that she and her team will win in the end.

Besides, a new character is introduced: the sweet, red dragon son of Firebreath. 

To add to the already increasing tension, there is the question which shells will be shattered in the meanwhile and can the Legendary Six Egglanders perform the inconceivable and succeed in saving the world from danger?

And what has the All-Powerful wizard Stryker to do with them?

The novel displays time portals and magic, heroic deeds, the middle age, dinosaurs, so that every girl and boy should find something they like in the story. Children can learn here about English native birds and nature and also about courage, teamwork and a good conscience. Nevertheless the graphic violence and themes like death should be read and discussed with a parent and I recommend it for children in the age of 8-12.

I really liked the book and I give it 4 Stars!!!

The series continues in book 6 with the six Eggs and the humans from Wyoming, Dot and Dave, visiting Eggland, the Abyss and Dinoland. 

Hope you enjoyed my review. I'll be publishing the German version soon.

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