The Angel of Soriano by Stella Marie Alden (English review)

The Angel of Soriano

The Angel of Soriano written by one of my favourite authors: 

Stella Marie Alden
 First of all, the cover:  
Two beautiful Italian, one, a striking woman with blonde hair, pale blue eyes and emphasized and distinct lashes, named Aurelia, the other, a handsome man, called Don Bernando Carvajal with dark eyes and hot Spanish looks. 
Aurealia is a charming and intelligent woman who is determined and fierce, is at the same simultaneously soft and composed. She only wears simple clothes so she is not to be noticed by men, however, she fills out the room with light.
Don Bernando can't believe his eyes when he first gets to know her - she must be an angel coming from above to visit Earth! He - with his dark eyes and a soft and firm voice which melts your heart - is the son of a steward of Soriano and the cousin of the Bishop Caraval
The Spaniard who values honour sometimes more than his own life, notices immediately that it is wrong to call Aurelia dim-witted. And not only his sexual attraction, but his interest is aroused. Who could be the blonde stranger? 

Aurelia is equally aroused as Bernando, yet she feels shame for her unchaste thoughts and desire. She has an unquenching thirst for knowledge, though she pretends to be dumb in order that it is not noticed that she is the brightest and perceptive nature behind the work and research of her father and doctor of Pope Innocent.

Suddenly, Aurelia vanishes and flees from Cardinal Borgia, who visited her father to hear more about the health of Pope Innocent. Bernando and his friend and servant Fulvio chase after her and soon find her in a church.

Here Aurelia explains that she can't escape from her family home because Borgia would be enraged and her father would pay for it. She already did this cat and mouse game with Borgia 12 times, but after Bernando followed her, her plan must change.

Aurelia's life consists only of books and being locked up because her mother didn't want her to be a temptation for men.

Will Aurelia risk everything for this new adventure and her upcoming love for Bernando? 

A historical fiction which takes part in Rome, the Eternal City, in 1489, in the Renaissance and an opponent most dangerous who is pursuing them.

Who will win the cat and mouse game in the end? 
Based on a true story, this gem has all: sword fights, passion, despair and sorrow.  You can really imagine all scenes and pictures appear in your mind of how a movie could bring the story to life.


Kind regards,

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