Sternschatten: Schneeflocken fallen 1 (English review) by Lena Klassen

Sternschatten: Schneeflocken fallen (Sternschatten-Serie 1)

Hello, my friends and followers,
this time is about Romantasy :) If you follow my blog long enough, you should already know that I like a mix of: romance, fantasy and mystery (maybe a bit of humor, too) :D.

About the author: Lena Klassen has written novels for 15 years  - especially her spectacular fantasy books should be mentioned. Some of her series are: Magyria, #1, Wild, Die Wandler #1 and Die Legenden der Unaschkin 1. 

Her books and characters are so unique since they don't conform to the popular stereotypes. They are instead original and exceptional.

Moreover, her words are so detailed descriptions that you feel you are in the middle of the story. Her novels are all about inscrutable secrets, magic and the end can never be prophesied (another advantage I think). :)

The Cover: There is the face and hand of a girl with white blonde hair. She is almost like a ghost. Her contours are instinct on the right side or they dissolve in pixels like in an old film. Behind her is a crack in the white wall. The girl is looking at two figures in blue, which are standing behind the wall in the shadows. Next to the two shadowy figures is a violet-blue flower and spiral pattern. The same design appears in the typeface "Sternschatten", however in gold. All in all, the cover picture is beautiful, magical and mysterious.
Poem "Zerbrich nicht" 

Lena Klassen added a poem at the beginning of the story, written by the main character Blue. I love it when authors write poems at the beginning or for each chapter. You can empathize with the people in the story more and the plot. It is thorough and it can be read as a dark prediction which is lying ahead for Blue.

Plot: Blue is rather an unconventional person who is looking forward to the day that her lost father will come back from Scotland. She loves independent bands and her name originates from her father's passion for collecting everything which is blue. Unfortunately the reserved Scot will probably never return and he picked up all his personal things without leaving a message. 

Since then mother and daughter are divided and every conversation ends up in a quarrel.  However the situation is even worse than ever for Blue, because Sergej, the new boyfriend of her mother and cook of a Russian restaurant moved into their home and she already knows: that means trouble! 
From dispute to grounding to a stink bomb and lastly to confinement in the cellar, it all leads to that Blue needs to go to a boarding school. And not any boarding school - but the most prestigious school in Europe.

Sadly, it is no Hogwarts at all and it is also not in Berlin, like her mother assured her, however in the Black Forest. The location of the boarding school is not revealed to outsiders and her mother is only able to find the St. Georg school because she got driving directions from the school.

It's more like a dark castle in an even darker forest. With a huge figure which was made from bronze of Saint Georg and the dragon which is placed in front of the entrance of the school. 
Yet the school has a secret... Is Blue able to solve it?
And how could the school obtained the poem which she has safely secured on her PC?
And what is Blue personally hiding?

I hope you liked my review and will continue following me to read more :)


I can't wait to read the 2nd installment!

Kind regards, 

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