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Drone (Beyond the Dome #1) by Jackson Dean Chase (English review)

Drone (Beyond the Dome #1) by(Goodreads Author) This is the first of the series, called "Dronetown" written by Jackson Dean Chase.

The Cover: It shows Vikka, the 15-year old green eyed ginger, and Zan, the boy with the chestnut hair and soulful brown eyes looking at each other in a familiar way at each other. Below them is the city of New World Plutonomy where they live, which resembles New York and which promise to guarantee for better times when all residents do what they have to do. The front is rendered in blue, dark colours, whereas the typeface is silver and white. The title is in capital letters and the "O" of "Drone" indicates a blue star in the middle.

Behind the story: Dronetown is a place for people who are bred only for working, so the elite has a better and easier life. They live in LivRite Apartments which are broken dwellings and live under the most horrible living conditions. Drones (the …

Surviving The Theseus by Randy Noble (English review)

Surviving The Theseus by(Goodreads Author)
This is the first in the sci-fi series about Regina Valensky, a Search Out and Destroy Officer (shortly SOAD), who is having a vacation on board of a space cruise ship, called Pyramid One. But instead of relaxing and holidaying, she is studying people and their behaviour and is trying to blend in like a spy. And that's not hard to understand because her job is hunting and taking down criminals. Regina is a dedicated bounty hunter who has a strong belief in her ideas of morality and how the world should function or not. And that means that all criminals who are acting against the law, need to be eliminated.

Not long after she showed up on the board of the Egyptian like cruise ship, Regina is moving towards the lounge, named "The Club" which is presenting all kinds of entertainment like Tube televisions with sports shows, video games, pool tables, etc. Here she meets Roy, a middle-aged, short man who…

God of the Sun (Stella and Sol Book 1) by Kimberly Loth (Goodreads Author) (English version)

Hello, my friends and followers,

this is part 1 of the Stella and Sol Series written by Kimberly Loth. It's an adventurous start and describes well the two kingdoms Stella and Sol, one where the sun never gets darker, and the other where the sun never will shine. It is about the lonely High Prince Leo of Stella, whose only real friend is his sister Candace with whom he can admit his feelings and he is also one of the few who remained single in his large family of twelve brothers and sisters. The kingdom of Stella is full of magic utensils and is used frequently among the city dwellers. But it is also known as being barbaric and archaic for its use of magic and free will and dark rumors are spread beyond the wall which separates Stella and Sol.

Sol, on the other hand, reminds the reader of Big Brother, punishments are evoked unless every citizen do their duty and think about their position in society first. Zwaantie is the Princess of the Kingdom of Sol and even though…