Surviving The Theseus by Randy Noble (English review)

Surviving The Theseus


This is the first in the sci-fi series about Regina Valensky, a Search Out and Destroy Officer (shortly SOAD), who is having a vacation on board of a space cruise ship, called Pyramid One. But instead of relaxing and holidaying, she is studying people and their behaviour and is trying to blend in like a spy. And that's not hard to understand because her job is hunting and taking down criminals. Regina is a dedicated bounty hunter who has a strong belief in her ideas of morality and how the world should function or not. And that means that all criminals who are acting against the law, need to be eliminated.

Not long after she showed up on the board of the Egyptian like cruise ship, Regina is moving towards the lounge, named "The Club" which is presenting all kinds of entertainment like Tube televisions with sports shows, video games, pool tables, etc. Here she meets Roy, a middle-aged, short man who is obviously leering at her and is giving her a strange vibe.

However, soon he vanishes like her memory of the next 12 hours. Regina is on the 4th passenger level. It's too quiet and vacant and she only finds piles of clothes and passenger doors which were seemingly opened hours ago. It's eerie and after witnessing a deep orange glow emanated under the door next to her with the connection of feeling unwell and sick, she hurries to leave the place.

In the meantime, the reader learns a bit about the Space Patrol and Rescue Squad (SPARS). In the cockpit is Cindy Everette, a low rank, yet strong cadet, Michael Steen, the captain and prodigy, George Pratt, the tall and heavyset leader and Travis Deckstill, the short and blond cadet. They are chasing after a small diamond shaped blue chip which was stolen by an unknown thug. After that they are informed about obscure activities on board of Pyramid One.

After a time, the reader draws conclusions that the disappearance of the passengers and the changed course of Pyramid One happen to have a connection. And even the random stranger Roy appears to be involved.

What happens on the ship? Who is this Roy? And where are all the passengers?

A pleasant start of a new series with interesting character development. Some information could have been left out though, for example the video game, the Kill Zone and some personal facts about the characters which didn't help to carry the story forward. Anyway, the plot is improving after Chapter 9 and it is getting thrilling and really fun to read. After that it is a real page-turner.

I received this book for free from ebook Discovery, I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my review.

Kind regards,
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