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Amazon Princess Cassia by Levese Williams (English review)

Amazon Princess Cassia by(Goodreads Author) This is the second book, written by Levese Williams, about the Amazone Warriors. This installment is about the dutiful Cassia who fell in love with a man, Anthony.

Plot: Cassia is one of the most reliable and decent people you can meet. She is an Amazon warrior who is living for the four past months among normal people. For that she had several little jobs to make ends meet because Cassia is not on an usual commission, but it is a personal task for her nevertheless: live among mortals to be with the love of her life, Anthony. Anthony is the son of a trader who does fishing, shipping and is a general merchant for a vast number of ports. Other than that she uses the gold Cassia and Aleka, a fellow Amazon Warrior described in Book 1, got months ago. And it is not easy for her, too, because it is scorned upon her tribe to date and to love a human man.

And even worse Cassie befriended Agatha, the butcher's ado…

Dangerous Code by Stella Marie Alden (English review)

Dangerous Code by(Goodreads Author) This is the first book of Stella Marie Alden's new romantic thriller series, called "The Dangerous Code". It is about the main character Megan McCarthy aka Jenna Jones and Colin O'Brien.

Background information: Jenna programmed a million worth high intelligence application, named Jason, which can evaluate, analyze and interpret input data with the background information it can get over Google, networks, clouds and devices. It also has a face recognition software behind it and can read human behaviour and the chances for their reactions. Ultimately, Jason talks with Jenna almost like a real person and the software advance continually by itself.

The Plot: Jenna, an outstanding entrepreneur in software development and engineering, is on a bus to downtown in New York when suddenly her iPhone got a Terrorist alert. It is a man with a green gym bag at this feet. Fortunately Jenna has her breathtaking new…

Puppet Dreams by Jose Sevilla Ho (English review)

Puppet Dreams by(Goodreads Author) "Puppet Dreams" is Jose Sevilla Ho's first children's book. It is about Paul and his unusual friendship with Dum Dum, a marionette. It reminded me a lot of Pinocchio and Geppetto, only fabricated in today's world.

The Plot: Paul's mother is upset that Paul is spending more and more time with Dum Dum, his dummy, rather than playing with children. Paul is also sleepwalking and stutters and that's why he should see the doctor. The reason why every grown up is believing Paul is behaving oddly is that his mother and father are separated. But Paul knows the truth: his marionette is alive!

Paul got the doll on a school field trip to a puppet museum and Dum Dum, the manikin, moved into his bag to run away from his awful owner, Marc.

And with the time Paul really feels like Dum Dum and he became friends: they play games, Dum Dum helps him not to stutter and they have many adventures together.

But …

Woman of a Hundred Names by Jose Sevilla Ho (English review)

Woman of a Hundred Names by(Goodreads Author) "Woman of a Hundred names" is the second mystery / thriller novel, written by Jose Sevilla Ho.

At the beginning, Rosie Tang, widow of Arthur Tang, founder and CEO of Tang Worldwide holdings, a multi-million enterprise, is at her exclusive penthouse "Fragnant Harbour" in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, a place, where only the privileged can live. But Rosie was not always rich - she went from rags to riches when she met Arthur.

An empire, built through the funds Arthur got from the mainland, and his supporters acquired by his wife's connections. The family of Linda Bo was always in the midst of activities of government and economy. Her grandfather took part in Mao's Long March and belonged to the Communist Liberation. And even though the tide turned with the Cultural Revolution, Bo's family made it through. Linda married a prosecutor, named Lu Qin. However the marriage only lasted up to…

Prince of the moon by Kimberly Loth (English review)

Prince of the moon by(Goodreads Author) "Prince of the Moon" is the second installment of Stella and Sol, written by Kimberly Loth.

The cover: It shows a beautiful two-divided cover of the technological and magical, sophisticated kingdom Stella above with the moon and stars. And below the sunny and warm Stella which emphasize its agriculture and nature.

Symbols: All chapters have beautiful, intricate designs of the moon next to the chapter number.

Map: The book also includes an advanced overview of the kingdom of Stella and Sol and the wall between them (you can use the zoom function for it on the Kindle, which is really helpful and nice when you want to know exactly where Zwaantie and Leo are going during their travels).

The Plot: Zwaantie, the main character, is finally in Stella. But her stay in Stella is so much different than she thought it would be: First it is morning so there are no stars (in Sol it is never dark, so Zwaantie never saw sta…

A Fairly Fairy Tale by Sunshine Somerville (German review)

"A Fairly Fairy Tale" ist Sunshines Somervilles erstes Kinderbuch mit mittelalterlichen Elementen. Es geht um die fröhliche, unabhängige 19-Jahre alte Littagale, die lieber auf Abenteuer gehen will, als einen Prinzen zu heiraten.

Allerdings ist es Zeit für Littagale zu heiraten, weil ihr Vater King Wesick nicht ewig die Heiratsanträge jedes Prinzen bis zu Tausend Meilen entfernt von ihnen verweigern kann. Darum planen Littagale und ihre Stiefmutter Mattea, Littagale vom Palast wegzubringen und wer könnte mehr helfen, als ein kidnappender Drache, der von allen gefürchtet und im ganzen Land bekannt ist?

Es ist wundervoll zu sehen, wie Littagale aus ihrer schwierigen Situation ausbricht und wie sie anstatt eine Jungfrau in Nöten zu spielen, das Herz des Lesers gewinnt, indem sie der Held selber wird und gedankenvolle und eigene, einsichtige Ideen entwickelt. 

Natürlich gibt es auch noch einen Bösen: den arroganten, egoistischen Prinzen Deke von Archwild mit seiner dunklen Kleid…

On the Run in Beverly Hills by Nancy Deville (English review)

On the Run in Beverly Hills by(Goodreads Author) "On the Run in Beverly Hills", written by Nancy Deville, is a fun contemporary story with mystery elements playing in Los Angeles, Santa Monica.

It is about the three BFFs, Francesca, Oliva and Lily Bartel, three fit, attractive women in their best years, connected back in their college days. Francesca, known as the princess or shortly Fify von Richmond with her blonde hair and member of Los Angeles' society; Olive or Oyl with her stunning shoulder-length hair and dark eyes who is writing magazine articles for the Rolling Stones, but whose financial situation had gotten out of control; and Lily, the eternal hippie with her girlish curves and who is a talented herbalist.

Life seems normal, but changes dramatically out of sudden: Five police cars are surrounding Lily's cottage and have taken her to the police office for cultivation and possession for the sale of marijuana. Fify‘s husband Fred…

Unassimilated by Michael Ben Zehabe (German review)

Unassimilated von(Goodreads Author)
Unassimilated, geschrieben von Michael Benzehabe, ist ein Konzept das Christen, Muslime und Juden auf der ganzen Welt miteinander verbinden soll.
Dies ist Benzehabes erster Thriller und es geht über Zoe Mousa, eine kleine, aber mutige Frau, eine jüdische Waise, adoptiert von einer muslimischen Familie.
Die Geschichte beginnt am 7 Mai 2012. Zoe und vier andere Frauen werden als Geiseln gehalten. Ein Mädchen ist tot. Das Blut strömt geräuschlos aus ihren Köper. Ihr Geiselnehmer bedroht ein anderes Mädchen, ihm die Codes auszuhändigen. Zoe und die anderen vier Frauen sind an Stühlen gefesselt mit dem Blick zum  pazifischen Ozean. Allerdings liegt Zoes einziges Interesse in dem sinnlosen Tod des Mädchens vor ihr.
Zoe lebte in einer kleinen iranischen Stadt, in der Nähe des Kaspischen Meers, namens Noshahr mit ihren zwei Schwestern, Sarah und Jamileh Delkash, bevor ein Jihadistihren Pflegevater erschoss und die Schwestern vergew…

Honeysuckle Cove Secrets by Mary Manners (English review)

Honeysuckle Cove Secrets by

"Honeysuckle Cove secrets" is a romantic mystery series about Peyton Foster, who owns an antique shop in Honeysuckle Cove, named "A Whisper in time".

Five years ago Peyton bought the shop with the money of her grandmother. Peyton designed everything for the new spring season and always made a great effort to investigate every piece before she sold it. However, it seems like everything she did, was in vain after her shop was nearly destructed. The glass was broken. Many goods lay disarranged around. Yet, only the music boxes were searched for, items Peyton didn't place at disposal for sale.

Do the letters of a certain M.M.B has anything to do with the case?

And then there is of course Luke Maddox with his warm chocolate voice and wool-gray eyes for whom Peyton has unrequited feelings of love.

And what has the legend about Malachi Brennan and his bride to do with all of it?

Summary: A lovely mystery novel with…

Amazon Princess Aleka (Amazon Warrior Chronicles 1) by Levese Williams (English review)

Amazon Princess Aleka (Amazon Warrior Chronicles 1) by(Goodreads Author) Hello, my dear followers and friend,

it is about real friendship and false friends, extended battle scenes and the closeness and togetherness of one group.

Background information:
Aleka is the daughter of one of the elders of the Amazonian tribe. The Amazonian tribe consists of only women who are trained in fighting with all kinds of weapons and who normally develop magical abilities at the age of 13. For example, Desdemona has the power over fire, Luna can summon water, Looki can change appearances and Cyrene, Aleka's mother, can command lightning.The Elders manage the Amazons. Amazons are stronger, taller and faster than normal human women. They live at a common campsite and as nomads. It is frowned upon to love a human man. They are sworn enemies with the Greeks.

The Plot:
Aleka has no magical abilities and is inexperienced in weapons training. Aleka is known to have her head in …

Soul of a Warrior by Denna Holm (English review)

Soul of a Warrior by(Goodreads Author) Hello, my dear followers and friends,

this time I'm reviewing a paranormal novel full of romance, action, flying with dragons, new species from other planets, dangerous encounters and experiencing famine and loneliness.

The cover: It has a light blue typeface and we can see a young woman who is hiding behind a tree. Around her is a forest and next to her a black and gray striped cat. The sun rises and she is looking at a lake and high up in the sky is a dragon.

The Plot: Kimi Wicker spends her Friday night like most Friday nights in the McMillan's Tavern, a country and western bar in Oregon, where she is working with her roommate Amanda Cross as a barmaid.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary until Kimi catches sight of a well-build man with long, wavy, red hair and freckles who is alarming her in a high degree though she doesn't know why. However, even though Kimi doesn't recognize the stranger, he knows he…

The Call of Her Pack by Stella Night (English review)

The Call of Her Pack (Paranormal Shifter Romance): (Whiskey Springs Pack Book 3)