Amazon Princess Cassia by Levese Williams (English review)

Amazon Princess Cassia

This is the second book, written by Levese Williams, about the Amazone Warriors. This installment is about the dutiful Cassia who fell in love with a man, Anthony.

Plot: Cassia is one of the most reliable and decent people you can meet. She is an Amazon warrior who is living for the four past months among normal people. For that she had several little jobs to make ends meet because Cassia is not on an usual commission, but it is a personal task for her nevertheless: live among mortals to be with the love of her life, Anthony. Anthony is the son of a trader who does fishing, shipping and is a general merchant for a vast number of ports. Other than that she uses the gold Cassia and Aleka, a fellow Amazon Warrior described in Book 1, got months ago. And it is not easy for her, too, because it is scorned upon her tribe to date and to love a human man.

And even worse Cassie befriended Agatha, the butcher's adoptive daughter and former slave, who is Greek (Greece and the Amazons are enemies). Agatha has been rescued by her boyfriend's father and then befriended Edgar Barkins who adopted her finally.

Now Cassia is sitting at her favourite restaurant in town - a tavern on the docks and is thinking about what she will do this evening when Anthony invites her to dinner. And not only this makes her ponder: Cassia is a lycanthrope, a werewolf since she was bitten by one as a child. However, Anthony doesn't know her dark secret and Cassia is unsure when she will ever tell him.

Anthony is a very understanding man who has loving memories of his childhood and the cottage of his mother and who loves Cassia dearly even though he is aware that it will not be easy as Cassia has no real experience in relationship with men at all (almost all communications with men would not be seemed necessary when you are an Amazon warrior).

Besides, unusual events are happening in the small port city. Two sheep are dead and the cat of a citizen was killed on the full moon and a wolf-like creature was the culprit. Cassia always had memory lapses around the full moon because she has no control over herself then. Yet she never behaved like that and Cassia is not certain if she or something else was the reason for the occurrences around here.

Desdemona, another Amazon warrior who has power over fire, should supervise her in a week's time. The problem is Desdemona with her fiery nature never really got along with the rather calm and confident Cassia.

Anthony wants to marry her before they proceed their relationship, however, after other incidents with wolves, the attention is shifted elsewhere...

Will Anthony learn about Cassia's secret?
Can Cassia and Desdemona get along?
And why doesn't Desdemona like Agatha?

A thrilling and fast paced novel about werewolves, mythology, battles, ancient hatred between two lines and at last an agreement between two long lasting enemies who needs to combat an opponent worse than they ever faced.


Kind regards,
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