Avis Blackthorn: Is Not An Evil Wizard! (Wizard Magic School #1) (English review)

Avis Blackthorn: Is Not An Evil Wizard! (Wizard Magic School #1) 


"Avis Blackthorn: Is Not an Evil Wizard!" is the first book of the children's fantasy series, written by Jack Simmonds.

Why did I pick the book and what makes it so special?

Of course, I was firstly intrigued about the unusual title and the magical cover which reminded me a lot about Hogwarts. But it is much more than a replica of that. 

It is about Avis Blackthorn, the seventh son of a magical family who lives in Happendance, the fourth of the seven magical kingdom which is surrounded by forests and hosted by magical creatures. All members of Avis' familiy are evil and feel pride and satisfaction working for the most evil high master: Malakai. His mum is a fierce, ever working witch. His mum is a fierce, ever working witch. His father, a good-looking and popular fellow. Avis has three older sister, named Marienne, Getrude and Wendice and three elder brothers called: Rory, Gary and Ross. And all feel deeply ashamed of Avis "goodliness". The Blackthorn family dwells in the "Darkhampton manor", a most annoying, cold and ruined place, if you ask Avis. 

The Plot: 

The story begins at the end of the summer holidays. Only a few more days and Avis is going to the Hailing Hall School for Wizard, a boarding school for wizard and witches in training. Avis is constantly tricked by his elder brothers, for example, when his younger sister marries a prince, his brothers pretend that Avis got the dress of his sister dirty with trifle and them pull down his trousers in front of the 300 assembled guests. Even his butler seems to hate Avis and he is grounded in the highest turret they have (because Avis fears height the most). And the worst is, Avis doesn't even want to compete with his brothers and sisters since he rather likes to stay alone and loves to read. Only his best friend is his fluffy rabbit Sedrik and unfortunately he is not very talented in magic, so he can't even get revenge on his irritating brothers and sisters.

Fortunately, Avis will go to the boarding school soon and he is sure he won't miss home a bit... However, what he notices first is that no teddy bears, animals or reading material is permitted. The second is that his family didn't and didn't want to keep in mind that Avis need to be supplied with certain magical items, e.g. the Blackthorn family crest ring to summon magic, the ever-changing cloak and tie and that Avis is stuck in his room even though his first school day is almost there!

So Avis is on its own and we, as readers, not only learn that there are pig-people, wolfraptors (flying, killing wolves), that wicked witches on broomsticks and with black cats are real, but that his narratives are as funny as Greg's diary with its jokes and slight sarcastic tone. You often find yourself laughing out loud and grinning while reading his comparisons and metaphors he uses for his brothers and sisters or mean classmates. The tall and thin Robin Wilson of York and his other friend Tina, who is the most beautiful girl she ever has known with his big, brown eyes and silky, brown eyes form a great addition to the story.

I really can’t wait to read the sequel!


Kind regards,

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