Dangerous Code by Stella Marie Alden (English review)

Dangerous Code

This is the first book of Stella Marie Alden's new romantic thriller series, called "The Dangerous Code". It is about the main character Megan McCarthy aka Jenna Jones and Colin O'Brien.

Background information: Jenna programmed a million worth high intelligence application, named Jason, which can evaluate, analyze and interpret input data with the background information it can get over Google, networks, clouds and devices. It also has a face recognition software behind it and can read human behaviour and the chances for their reactions. Ultimately, Jason talks with Jenna almost like a real person and the software advance continually by itself.

The Plot: Jenna, an outstanding entrepreneur in software development and engineering, is on a bus to downtown in New York when suddenly her iPhone got a Terrorist alert. It is a man with a green gym bag at this feet. Fortunately Jenna has her breathtaking new application which can inform the New York Terrorism Task Force like no deal. Her new Beta Version is still so new that nobody should know about it - because in the wrong hands, it can be worse than a loaded rifle. Yet the New York Terroism Task Force needs too much time and so Jenna must do itself and load via her device a prevention plan against another 911 into action. Therefore, she also forces all traffic signals on Eighth Avenue to stop in both directions. For all that Jenna had to hack herself into the New York City's network - something nobody should ever find out or the authorities will believe she is a terrorist herself.

But her task is not finished and the most difficult assignment, but also the most surprising one only just begun:

Jenna, the pale Irish woman with the beautiful green eyes, meets Colin O'Brien, the man she has loved for years, yet she never admitted her love to him, who vanished and who only knew her as the cute little 13-year old girl with overweight problems. Colin doesn't recognize her, though Jenna still feel the same kind of mix of lust and being in love with him when Jenna, former Megan met him as the handsome lifeguard in the fat camp 17 years ago in New England, maybe even more than before. Colin almost didn't change - he still has the dreamy blue eyes. Colin bewitched her with his good looks, his charmant personality, his gentleman like behaviour. No wonder "he's so hot, it should be illegal" (Position 220).

Despite that, 17 years lay between the time Colin and Jenna met, Jenna can remember well: her, a homesick girl whose mother only cared about the appearance and prestige.

If she wouldn't have the slightest kind of Asperger and accordingly problems with understanding human facial gestures and moods... Jenna can speak several languages: French, Chinese, Arabic, etc. and she is an expert in computer science, on the other hand, she has issues to connect with people and can't detect subtle emotions easily, she also trusts too lightly and lies are not her strength. Besides of that she has also bad dreams and PTSD because of a dark past.

But that's exactly why Collins and Jenna are so compatible as a couple because Colin also has a past he wants to forget.

Not long after enlisting himself, Colin met Charlene, his two-timing, lying girlfriend and later ex-wife. The worst mistake of his life and why Colin has commitment issues ever since.
In spite of all that, Colin can't resist Jenna in her short skirt and her bright red Wonder Woman sneakers any longer.

At the latest when more and more terrorists emerge unexpectedly who swear that Allah told them to build a bomb, but aside from that have no memory, Colin realizes that there is more happening than you can see.

Sadly, her past is catching up with her when Jenna went to college in Los Alamos.

Why is she working with the CIA?
Why did the terrorists lose their memories?
And what is Megan's dark past?

I also loved the side characters, especially Grace, who acted like a real mom towards Jenna.
All in all, a wonderful novel I can recommend to everyone who loves suspense and romance!


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