Edo's Awakening by Sharolyn G. Brown (English review)

Edo's Awakening (Stories of The Conscious Dreamer Series #1) 

Edo's Awakening is the first story of the Conscious Dreamer Series, written by Sharolyn G. Brown. 

The cover really intrigued me with its deep blue color and the vortex in the left upper corner. It somehow reminded me of Van Gogh's "The Starry Night".  

Background information: 

The society in the novel has different castes. The Keeper who are the Gods and who can’t be seen, but who listen to all thoughts and punish everyone who is not a responsible citizen, the Keeper's representatives who are formed in every section and who enforce the rules, the Talented and Honored Citizen caste who fulfilled their mission and are respectable residents, the Dream travelers who are the middle-class and who can advance when they fulfill their mission and the lower classes: the helpers and the laborers who more or less remain in their caste and who need to check the food and arrange the goods. 

All residents should obey "the Gods" and serve their purpose or they no longer deserve to live in the eyes of the keepers. The castes can be recognized on the basis of their clothing, for example: travelers wear blue, helper and laborer green and the Keeper's representatives brown ropes. The lives of the lower and middle-class residents are mostly restricted to a small section, yet helper and laborers only can use a common room.

The Plot: The main character, Edo, is a dream traveler, called Beta 56-02-12 who has an earth connection whose name is Liam who should help him to build and test rocket engines for mass production. Edo is responsible that Liam fulfill his tasks. They both have a mental bound to each other. Edo's task is to influence Liam and Edo also accompanies Liam in his dreams. His other duties are going to mental training and physical conditioning classes. 

However, one day, Edo loses his connection to Liam. Edo doesn't know what happened to Liam. He is summoned by the Keeper's representatives to the Glorious session room where Edo learns that one earthling was killed during the start of the rocket engine.

But if the mission engine will fail, Edo's mission will end ,too,… and so his life.

What will happen to Edo?

Summary: An exciting, new dystopia and sci-fi novel with a socially critical message, written by Sharolyn G. Brown. I can't wait to read the next and to hear more about Edo's adventure. 5 Stars!!!

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