On the Run in Beverly Hills by Nancy Deville (English review)

On the Run in Beverly Hills

"On the Run in Beverly Hills", written by Nancy Deville, is a fun contemporary story with mystery elements playing in Los Angeles, Santa Monica.

It is about the three BFFs, Francesca, Oliva and Lily Bartel, three fit, attractive women in their best years, connected back in their college days. Francesca, known as the princess or shortly Fify von Richmond with her blonde hair and member of Los Angeles' society; Olive or Oyl with her stunning shoulder-length hair and dark eyes who is writing magazine articles for the Rolling Stones, but whose financial situation had gotten out of control; and Lily, the eternal hippie with her girlish curves and who is a talented herbalist.

Life seems normal, but changes dramatically out of sudden: Five police cars are surrounding Lily's cottage and have taken her to the police office for cultivation and possession for the sale of marijuana. Fify‘s husband Fred is dying of a heart attack after committing many years of domestic violence and abuse of his wife. And then Olive who lives in a townhouse on the Venice beach boardwalk for the last ten years and who thought she could live there her rest of her life. However the gigs had slowed down and Olive has fallen behind on her rent. Olive had less than a week to move out and her debts are 45,000 Dollars. Besides of that, like her mother and sister Olive has the BRCA1 mutation and so breast cancer. Her only chance: a mastectomy and reconstruction of the breast tissue.

In the meanwhile Lily meets the Detective Brinkley, a black haired man wearing khakis and a tweed blazer, whose voice is deep but gentle who is interrogating her and she is felted for drugs. Her attorney Božena Silná, a Czech woman with vivid red hair explains to her that her husband was involved with growing and distributing marijuana and that also Frank Ryczek, a famous makeup artist and womanizer and his gay brother Leo who got liver cancer from Hep C are his associates. Lily’s husband also reveals her that Leo gave him a map of the Los Angeles National Forest and ten kilos of seeds that he should sell to raise money for the hospice. Leo was cultivating high cannabidol weed and because of its anti-inflammatory effect it can be used for sick people.

However, there is another grow, which is smaller and consists of 250 plants which have a worth of half a million dollars and which have even a higher CBD amount than the plants they used before. Besides that Lily’s cottage is burnt down and her garden is dug over. In addition, Fred got involved in bad deals the last seven years, so Fify has no money left and twenty-one million dollars belongs to the bank. Fify‘s only opportunity not to end up in poverty: a garage sale.

What is Lily going to do about her health situation?
Is Fify going to be homeless?
And how can a mysterious cream solve all their problems?

Summary: All in all, a splendid story with sympathetic characters and an amazing plot. Sometimes the length of the chapters was too long though, and unnecessary info added. The end also was a bit unbelievable, especially with Fify who judged people very harshly at the beginning and who reformed to be a peace-loving hippie afterwards. I like the intention of the author that she changed and the happy end, I only believe her change could be more gradually happen instead of almost instantly.

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